Strawberry Crepe Cookie Toppings Build

Here we have featued the Starberry Crepe Cookie best topping build based on the its survival rate in the game.

This Strawberry Crepe Cookie Toppings Build brings us the best toppings for the Strawberry Crepe Cookie. Check this article to get more info about this. In this build, you get Toppings which are given below.

  • 5x Solid Almond Topping
  • Swift Choco Topping
  • 5x Hard Walnut Topping
  • 3x Hard Walnut and 2x healthy Peanut topping.
  • 3x Hearty Hazelnut, 2x healthy peanut Topping.

The most reasonable strawberry topping that you can acquire from this Topping build guide in the Cookie Run Kingdom is as follows. The best build is Five times Solid Almond Toppings that equip DMG resistance and more extended survival capacity in the Cookie Run Kingdom game.

Cookie Run Kingdom build

Because the Strawberry Crepe Cookie is put in front, it is extremely noteworthy that Strawberry Cookie outlasts longer in the game which means that it longer the survival the good is the game off the cookie.

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It is also possible that Five Solid Almond Toppings with CD sub-stats will provide better DMG resistance to Strawberry Crepe Cookie. The Strawberry Crepe Cookie Topping would be DMG as opposed to CD, Three Solid Almond, and Two swift chocos you can get at the beginning of the game.

Strawberry Crepe utilizes the power of Giant Crepe components to generate AOE damage. Well anyone can easily lower the DMG obtained by two cookies in the game with the inferior max HP which is possible. But the disadvantage of this skill is you cannot able use it for Summoning the friendly units within the game.

strawberry crepe cookie

Strawberry Crepe Cookie appears in Cookie Run: Kingdom as a minor enemy. Cookie Kingdom Story Mode Episode 9: Castle in the Sky is where they first appear. Ji-Hyun Lee in Korean, Rina Hidaka in Japanese, and Valeria Rodriguez in English provide the voices for them.

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In simple words, the Strawberry Crepe Cookie is a Defense cookie that will keep your front lines safe. They deal massive AOE damage and grant damage resistance to the person with the lowest max HP in your party.

Are strawberry crepes better than Madeleine’s?

I’d recommend Crepe above Madeleine, as much as I adore Madeleine. Although I’ve seen both of these and Madeleine utilized in the arena by some higher-ranked players, I’d still suggest putting more money towards crepe. Strawberry crepes have a lot of punch.

This is the end of this short guide hopefully you find this article helpful for similar content do read our Cookies Run Kingdom Guides.