Hogwarts Legacy DLC: Rumors about an update

Released on February 10, 2023, Hogwarts Legacy has quickly become one of the beloved games from the Harry Potter franchise.

Its gameplay, graphics, and background set before the birth of Tom Riddle have captivated fans worldwide. It’s no surprise that players want Avalanche Software to add more content to the game in the form of Hogwarts Legacy DLC, i.e., downloadable content.

Available on PlayStation 5, Xbox, and on Steam, Hogwarts Legacy crossed $1 billion in revenue in May this year. It has sold over 15 million copies.

Given the hype around the game, it’s obvious that adding paid DLC will be massively profitable for the developers. Players are demanding Quidditch DLC, more medals, and competitive multiplayer despite the developers’ insistence on making the game a single-player experience.

Hogwarts Legacy DLC
Image via Avalanche Software

Will there be a Hogwarts Legacy DLC?

Unfortunately, there are no plans for Avalanche Software to release downloadable content in Hogwarts Legacy.

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The Utah-based company has already started its next project as rumored in the gaming industry. Instead of working on the hit game, they are looking for software developers for “an unannounced AAA console title.”

An example of a AAA game is GTA 5. Players can assume the game however they may like: competitive racing, shooting, single-player, multiplayer, or property dealing. Since Hogwarts Legacy has no multiplayer aspects, it is believed that the game has been sidelined for now.

Avalanche Software confirms there will be no Hogwarts Legacy DLC

Game director Alan Tew also quashed the rumors of a Hogwarts Legacy DLC. During IGN Fan Fest 2023, he was asked about some of the game’s features and how they could improve it. The director then stated that the crew has “been really heads down bringing the game to life.” As such, there might be no plans for new updates.

Nonetheless, the resounding success of Hogwarts Legacy will undoubtedly prompt the developers to form a sequel. Part 2 of the game could be based on Voldemort’s origins based on the original J.K Rowling lore from Wizarding World (formerly Pottermore). In the first part, we were introduced to Tom Riddle’s descendant, Ominis Gaunt.

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