Pizza Tower How To Get All Costumes

Peppino needs clothing. Not only would the game be quite different if he didn’t, but they are also a means to represent what you have accomplished in-game. Clothes may be obtained in a number of methods, but unlike accomplishments, they are saved throughout all save files. So let’s get started on how to get all costumes shall we!

Pizza Tower All Costumes

Itchy Sweater

The first chamber on the Pig City level holds Grandpa Pepper. While he may not be seen at first, try hopping over the entrance and making your way past the city walls. Be aware that going too near to him may trigger him to… I respectfully request that you step aside. This provides you a brand new piece of clothes.

Bowling Stripes

To get this, 30 bowling rats must be eliminated. Bowling rats are blockade-like creatures that can only be defeated by transforming into a ball. They are most common at the Golf level. If you can’t earn this flamboyant outfit, try repeating Golf until you do.

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Complete all of the game’s achievements. This involves S-ranking every level and fighting every boss hitless, among other things, however the P-rank accomplishments are optional. Every level has three accomplishments associated with it. Information on how to obtain them may be found in the chef’s hat room, which is situated on each floor.

Some milestones require you to travel through an entire level without being attacked by a certain assault, such as in Ancient Cheese, while others demand you to examine every suspicious corner for a secret area, such as in Fun Farm. Keep at cleaning, and you’ll be rewarded with the gleaming item of apparel you’ve ever seen.

Bad Bones

To receive this costume, you must take 50 hits. This comes organically during the game’s completion, similar to Blood Red and Garish Cook, but if you want it sooner, try running into the same adversary again and over again.

War Camo

You should be able to beat War on your first try. On your first try, complete the War level on floor 5. I don’t want to ruin the enjoyment, but it’ll be difficult if you go in blind. Let’s just say you’ll have to be quick.

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If you failed or restarted the level before completing it, you MUST use a fresh save file. Worse, if your save files are full, you’ll have to erase one before you can attempt again.

That’s how to get all the costumes in Pizza Tower as I’ll see you in the next guide..

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