Pizza Tower How To Get Snotty Approved

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The green “Snotty Approved” badge, which adds an extra 1% to your Tower Completion level, is one of the unique badges you can acquire on your save file in Pizza Tower’s file pick menu. You may be wondering who Snotty is. Given how callously you undoubtedly handled him, I don’t blame you for not knowing. … Read more

Pizza Tower How To Get All Costumes

Pizza Tower Custumes

Peppino needs clothing. Not only would the game be quite different if he didn’t, but they are also a means to represent what you have accomplished in-game. Clothes may be obtained in a number of methods, but unlike accomplishments, they are saved throughout all save files. So let’s get started on how to get all … Read more

Pizza Tower How To Get P Rank

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Looking for guide on Pizza Tower How To Get P Rank? Well the P-ranks are granted anytime Peppino or The Noise start a combo at the start of a level and keep it going until the level is completed. With the exception of The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, where you only need to meet the … Read more