Pokemon Drifblim Weaknesses and Counters Explained

If you know the weakness and counter moves of any Pokemon then it will be easy for you to defeat them in the battle gym. There are hundreds of Pokemon and knowing their weakness and strength cannot be possible.

However, knowing the weaknesses of some of them such as Drifblim one of the rarest Blimp Pokemon can be beneficial for you. Drifblim is a Ghost/Flying type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation IV and it can be envolved in Drifloon.

The Drifblim is a ghost and flying type Pokemon as does it has several weaknesses that you can learn about. So without any further ado let’s check all Drifblim weaknesses.

Drifblim Weaknesses

Below we mentioned all the weaknesses of the Drifblim Pokemon.

  • DarkType Pokemon
  • ElectricType Pokemon
  • Rock-Type Pokemon
  • Ice-Type Pokemon
  • GhostType Pokemon

As you see there are plenty of weaknesses you see the Drifblim is weak against Dark, Electric, Rock, Ice and Ghost type Pokemon moves. More importantly, the damage from above mentioned Pokemon will be 2x which means the Drifblim is extremely weak against these Pokemon. Don’t forget that Drifblim is also Ghost and it’s also weak against several other Pokemons also.

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Drifblim Resistances Against

There are some Pokemons from which Drifblim is resistant such as Poison, Bus and Grass type Pokemon. So make sure to avoid picking these Pokemon against the Drifblim during the battle. More importantly, Drifblim is also immune against the following type of Pokemon.

  • Normal
  • Fighting
  • Ground

Counter Moveset Against Drifblim

Below we mentioned some of the best counterattack moves that you can use against Drifblim during the fight.

PokemonCounter Attacks
PikachuThunder Attack
SableyeShadowball Attack
OnixRock Climb Attack
RottomHex/Thundershock Attack
GiratinaShadow Sneak Attack

If you have Dark-type Pokemon on your side then we can suggest you use them against the Drifblim during the fight.

This is the end of this short guide for more similar content do check our Pokemon section to find out more helpful information about Pokemon’s.