How Many Pokemon Are There? 898 Pokemon’s

How Many Pokemon Are There? The correct answer is there are a total of 898 pokemon including all pokemon games and anime.

Throughout my life, Pokemon has been a topic of much discussion and debate. What is the best type? Are they worth playing in video games? Is there really such a thing as a “super effective” attack? Now, in an effort to answer these and any other questions you may have about Pokemon, we’re going to take an in-depth look into one of the largest debates in the history of mankind: how many different species are there?

What Are Pokemon Exactly?

In order to answer this question adequately, we’ll need to get more specific. Pokemon are an imagination creatures in anime called Pokemon. That now also release as Pokemon Go as style of role-playing game. Players take the form of a character, called a “Pokemon Trainer”, who explores the world, catches and trains Pokemon (collectively referred to as “Pokemon”, although we’ll go into that later), fights other trainers in battles using special “Badges” (essentially like technological skill points) earned through battles or completed activities, and then sometimes even go up against the very master themselves in order to gain access to secret areas and such.

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Pokemon also has a separate spinoff game called Pokemon Emerald, which is an enhanced version of the original that focuses on breeding Pokemon for new species and incorporates some things not seen in the original games.

How many Pokémon are there?

There are 898 Pokemon. (Yes, there are more than 800 Pokemon.) In the original Pokémon games (or the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions), 151 Pokemon were available. In the second generation of games, there were 202. This represents a jump of about 85 pokemon in just one generation. There are also over 200 Pokémon in existence in one spin-off game called Pokemon Emerald which has enhanced breeding capabilities.

However, this is not all of them! If you add up every version of each generation’s Pokedex and return to the Kanto region for some additional encounters, you get well over 1000. So what happened? A lot of these pokemon are simply variant species. For example, there are eight different Eevee you can obtain in the game. So is there one, or eight Eevee’s? Three. And here’s why:

Multiple Species:

There are actually three different species of Eevee: Eevee, the form you begin with; Sentret and Furret, which evolve from Eevee through a special item called a Sun Stone (which is called an “Eternal” in Gen III and IV); then there are also three evolutions for each of them which have been nicknamed “Espeon”, “Umbreon”, and “Flareon”, respectively.

The reason for this is something called “temporary evolution”. This is when a Pokemon does not stay in its current state. So if an Eevee defeats a Water-type Pokemon, it will temporarily evolve into Vaporeon.

how many pokemon are there

This is because it has the special ability “Adaptability”, which increases the power of any moves that are of the same type as the pokemon’s main type. Another example is when an Eevee defeats another Pokemon in battle, but while it doesn’t change type, its own stats skyrocket to double its original value but only last until it faints or until someone uses a certain item on it.

For example, if an Eevee defeats a Fire-type Pokemon, it will evolve into Flareon. And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

So why do we keep calling this “temporary”? Because when you go to the PokeCenter and heal your Pokemon, you’ll find that your new stats are the same as before. This is because once you evolve into one of these Eevee evolutions, you cannot revert back to the original form.

However, if you go back and talk to a Pokemon Center in a different area and heal your Pokemon, it will revert back to its normal state and then once again be able to evolve further through certain items.

Multiple Genders:

Now, there is something else that should be mentioned in regards to Eevee, and that’s the fact that each of the evolutions can be male or female. This is called “gender” which is considered an important part of a Pokemon’s stats.

However, gender is not always a permanent thing. If you take an Eevee to the PokeCenter, it will change its gender at random just as it changes its type when faced with different battles. There has been more than one person in search of a specific Eevee evolution to come across a female one and go get mad because they needed a male one.

eevee evolutions

Other Types of Gender:

There is another gender that only some Eevee evolutions share; the “true gender”. These are the ones that can be inspected in the PokeCenter to see their gender. There are only two of these, and they are both females. This means that you cannot get a male Vaporeon or male Umbreon, as they need to be females.

They will not change into males or females ever again in your adventure. Lastly, there is a type of gender-separated by species. The three genders mentioned above have separate genders for each species of Eevee.

For example, Eevee is typically male and female, but his evolutions are generally considered to be male. However, there are three ‘true’ genders for each of the evolutions: Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon. These will only show up in a female form, however.

Multiple Special Abilities:

There is yet another type of gender that some Pokemon share; the “special ability” gender. This is usually a combination of both genders though it can be split in half between genders as well. The male and female of the special ability Eevee’s share the same stats and type, but the female will have two of these Special Abilities (known as “Ember”, which is an additional Fire-type attack; “Volt”, which is a Thunder move, and “Flare”, which is an additional Fire move). There are only two special abilities in this line: Sand Stream and Swift.

Multiple Formes:

Finally, we have another gender combination that has two types of forms. For example, Voltorb can be either Electric or Normal. This means that it can evolve into Electrode or Nidoqueen. The female-only has one form though; Nidoking. Here is a list of Pokemon which have multiple forms in their evolutionary line and the various types of forms for each gender:

Multiple Types:

Finally, there is yet another type of gender for Pokemon that has no form. This is called “unknown gender”. For example, in the case of Girafarig, you may wonder out loud to yourself where on earth did it come from. It’s because they can be either a normal Girafarig or a normal Girafarig with the Ability Gluttony. So you could call it a “Gluttony Gender”. However, it still doesn’t explain why you’ve never seen a Gluttony Girafarig before…

There are also some Pokemon that have no gender at all, and instead, give evolutions for both genders. For example, there is the Squirtle line. They can evolve into Wartortle, Blastoise, or even Wartortle with an ability like Shell Armor or Wartortle with the Ability Shell Armor.

Another example is the Kadabra line. They can evolve into Alakazam or Kadabra. Also, there are Pokemon in this game that will evolve as a result of knowing move tutors. These are known as “moves the Pokemon knows” and are detailed in the Tutorial.

There have also been some Pokemon that have a form that can evolve into other types, genders, or even new forms similar to the Water Stone. Take a look at the Slowpoke line of Pokemon as an example. They can evolve into “Slowbro” with the ability Oblivious, or “Slowking” with Clear Body. Some of these are shown in the Pokémon section of this guidebook.

how to catch Sylveon

In addition to this, there are some Pokemon that change their gender depending on circumstances such as their personality and mental health (Eevee is an excellent example). These are known as “Gender Wahrheit” (German for gender truth) in the game.

Also, there are times when you can get a Pokemon that is not shiny and has no gender, even before it evolves. This is because it is a “Ditto”. Ditto looks like any other Pokemon until it has been transformed with the move Transform.

Just know that if you catch one of these and it’s shiny, you’ll have to go to the Game Freak website and submit a form to try and get the shiny version of Ditto back. You will have to have some sort of proof that the Shiny was yours though.

“To-Do” Gender:

There are some Pokemon that you have to have a couple of Pokemon to make evolve. They require a specific gender combination and in some cases, they need both genders at the same time! They are referred to as “To-Do” in the game’s PokeCenter menu. To simplify it, here’s a list of some Pokemon that do this:

“Gender Chart” :

Gender: Number of Evolutions Staravia with: Gender 1 Male 3 Male 4 Male 7 Male 8 Male 11 Female 12 Female 16 Mixed 18 Gender ??

“Serene Grace” Helpful:

Here are what some advanced players call the “Serene Grace” Pokemon. They are all female and have special abilities that are gender-neutral. Although most of these can be caught individually, they will only evolve to one of their alternative forms when they know an Egg Move. The list is as follows:

Note: Saikyou, the fire snake that snatches away your hearts, is not one of these. Don’t be fooled, because it’s not very pleasant.

“Moves that the Pokemon knows”:

In this game, there are a whole group of moves that you may catch your Pokemon with. When you catch a Pokemon in the wild, it has to know one of these moves in order to evolve. Otherwise, it will only evolve into a different form if its gender meets certain conditions.

The following are some of the Pokemon that can evolve due to a move the Pokemon knows. There are many more, but these are some of the most common:

Moves that advance gender forms :

In addition to the moves in the previous section, there are also moves that will advance forms. For example, if a Chansey is involved in a battle and learns Double-Edge, she will evolve into an Exeggcute. The players call this “Gender Advance”. Most of these moves can only be learned by certain genders at certain levels. I have compiled a list of them below:

Pokemon Available from:

These are all the Pokemon that can be obtained by trading. These are listed in the order of how many you can trade, and then the types of Pokémon you can obtain. For example, Musuke evolves from a Magikarp, and this is why it’s directly below Magikarp.

As with most other listings in this section, I will update these as often as possible. Most of these are obtained via trading between GameFaqs members or by finding them on websites that serve as trading sites for fans of Pokemon:

How to Get their Shiny Forms :

These are some of the best places to get a shiny form for your Pokemon. Since Shiny Pokemon are not nearly as common as normal Pokemon, there are fewer places where you can get a shiny form. These are some of the best places to find them. You will have to find a way to catch the Pokemon or redeem an event code for it to be shiny.


By using the moves that are learned by the Pokemon, you can determine what a Zanity is. Zanity is short for “Pokémon-Zoomanity”. The definition of Zanity is: “A Pokémon that has only one type and gender. This Pokémon also has no type or gender-based evolutions, moves or abilities.” (For example An Abra with Teleport, a Bulbasaur with Overgrow, etc.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Pokemon with a complete explanation.

How many Pokémon are in total?

There are a total of 989 Pokemon‘s including Pokemon games and anime. But if you know about anime, cards, games of Pokemon then you must know how hard it is to tell what the correct number of pokemon are there.

How many Pokémon as Ash caught?

Ketchum possesses 77 Pokémon in total, including all 30 of his Tauros, making him the owner of 46 different species. In total, Ash has officially owned 95 distinct Pokémon species, including pre-evolved forms, traded, released, and given away Pokémon.


This is all I can teach you about trading. I really hope that I have helped you learn something useful in this guide. If this guide has any mistakes, please take a moment to point them out to me and I will do my best to fix them. If there is any more material that you want to be added, please feel free to talk to me about it. Before long, you’ll be an expert! Good luck!

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