Pokemon Go India Special Event: Spawns and rewards

Niantic’s next big step to promote Pokemon Go in India was the introduction of the Hindi language. Along with it, they added a region-exclusive event named ‘Aao Khele’ for trainers in the subcontinent. Rewards include a Super Incubator, Lapras encounter, and Generation 1 starter Pokemon.

Pokemon Go India special event will run from September 15, 2023, at 6 P.M. LT to October 14, 2023, at 8 P.M. LT. During this time, players will get an event-themed Field Research task and a Timed Research that will renew every weekend from September 16 at 8 A.M. LT to December 31 at 8 PM. LT.

Pokemon Go India Field Research

  • Bulbasaur encounter
  • Charmander encounter
  • Squirtle encounter

Pokemon Go Timed Research ‘The 151 Challenge’

Trainers have approximately 28 days to complete the 151 Challenge. After the completion of the following missions, they will get 1 Super Incubator, 5 Super Candy, and a piece of Stardust.

  • Spin 151 Pokestops or Gyms – special reward encounter.
  • Catch 151 Pokemon – special reward encounter.
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Pokemon Go Aao Khele bonuses

The following bonuses will be active till October 14, 2023, at 8 P.M. LT.

  • 2 x hearts earned with your Buddy Pokemon.
  • Double Incense duration.
  • Chance for a surprise encounter with Torkoal in Go Snapshot.