Pokemon Go India Special Event: Spawns and rewards

Pokemon Go India Event

Niantic’s next big step to promote Pokemon Go in India was the introduction of the Hindi language. Along with it, they added a region-exclusive event named ‘Aao Khele’ for trainers in the subcontinent. Rewards include a Super Incubator, Lapras encounter, and Generation 1 starter Pokemon. Pokemon Go India special event will run from September 15, … Read more

Pokemon Go Season 12 Adventures Abound: All Egg hatches and Adventure Sync rewards

adventures abound pokemon go

Leagues have been reset, biome spawns have been changed, and new creatures are hatching from eggs as Pokemon Go Season 12: Adventures Abound takes center stage. The season featuring the introduction of Paldean-region Pokemon will run from September 1 at 10:00 A.M. LT to December 1, 2023, at 10:00 A.M. LT. Adventures Abound is on … Read more

Details about new moves in Pokemon Go Adventures Abound

Pokemon Go Adventures Abound

Three new moves have been introduced by the Pokemon Go Adventures Abound season. Each move has a play in the meta, especially considering the buffs and debuffs attached to them. Trainers will now have to rethink their strategies to counter Pokemon that previously weren’t part of the meta. Trailblaze (Grass-type Charged Move), Scorching Sands (Ground-type … Read more