Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule For July 2023

Trainers, are you excited? The wait is over. Niantic, the developer of the best-augmented reality games, has finally introduced the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule for July 2023, so get ready to catch some exciting Pokemon and more. There’s plenty to look forward to!

In this guide, I have gathered all the information you need to know to prepare for the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour this July 2023. So keep reading to learn everything and start hunting.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour is an exciting weekly event for trainers that will take place every Tuesday of July 2023.

It will last for an hour, and the trainers will be able to catch a specific Pokemon every week! by giving them a double bonus and boosting spawn rates. Bellsprout, Skorupi, and Houndour are all making boosted appearances!

What is Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour?

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour is a popular and exciting weekly event for trainers worldwide! During this Hour, the specific Pokemon spawns more frequently

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The Spotlight Hour in the Game is going to take place every Tuesday in July 2023. It will take place from 6 pm-7 pm Local Time. Every week a different Pokemon will be showcased for the trainers to catch.

It is a one-hour window for the Players to get the best opportunity to catch as many of that specific species that week as possible.

This event will allow you to fill out your Pokedex and earn as many candies as possible to evolve the Pokemon.

Spotlight Hour Spawn and Shiny Rates

During the Spotlight Hour during that 60-minute window, the Spawn rate of the Pokemon will be boosted in the wild. Therefore you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch each species, especially if you have prepared as I told you to.

Even tho the Spotlight Hour won’t be increasing a Pokemon’s Shiny rate, since the spawn rate will be boosted immensely, you will have greater odds of finding and catching their shiny variants during the Spotlight Hour than during regular hours!

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The Main Bonus Of Spotlight Hour

The main bonus of this Spotlight Hour is the massively increased spawn rate of these Pokemon:

  • Rufflet 
  • Wailmer 
  • Rhyhorn 
  • Yungoos 

Fortunately, you’ll also encounter shiny variants of these Pokemon too!

There will be a higher chance to do so if you use Pokestop Lures and Incense.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule July 2023

Here is the schedule for Pokemon Spotlight Hour for July 2023.

Date Time Pokemon Bonus 
July 46:00 PM to 7:00 PMRufflet Double Catch Stardust
July 116:00 PM to 7:00 PMWailmer Double Catch XP
July 186:00 PM to 7:00 PMRhyhorn Double Evolution XP
July 256:00 PM to 7:00 PMYungoos Double Transfer Candy


During the spotlight hours, there is often an additional bonus. 

This can include increased points (XP) for catching Pokemon, extra stardust for catching Pokemon, or reduced egg hatch distance.

Spotlight Pokemon by giving them a double bonus and boosting spawn rates 

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The chosen Pokemon can be common or Rare, and the selection is made to allow players to catch and collect a variety of Pokemon.

How To Prepare?

This event lasts 60 minutes weekly, so ensure you are prepared and have all the resources to catch the particular Pokemon of the week!

Here, I have gathered the essential things you need to have to be prepared for the hunt:

Poke Balls: The most important! Make sure you have enough Pokeballs to catch multiple particular Pokemon.

Berries: Make sure you have enough Berries to get double Candy.

Clear Out Pokemon Storage Box: Make sure you have enough room for the Pokemon you’re going to catch.

Incense: Save up enough PokeCoins so you can purchase Incense for the event.

Pokemon Candy: Collect Pokemon Candy for the Spotlight Hour Pokemon so you can evolve it.

Lucky Eggs or Star Pieces: Perfect opportunity to use these spare items. This will help increase the XP and Stardust you’ll earn during the event.

Now that you know everything you need about the Pokemon Spotlight Hour, you’re all ready for this exciting event. You’ll be able to catch all the exciting Pokemon and their shiny variants.