Pokémon GO World Championship event 2023

The Go Fest has ended and the focus has now shifted to the annual Pokemon Go World Championships. Professional esports players from the AR-based game, Pokemon TCG and Pokemon Unite will gather in Japan for the second week of August 2023.

They will have a chance to win lucrative prizes while Go celebrates the event globally with exciting Pokemon debuts, interesting Raids, and PvP bonuses.

Pokemon Go World Championships tournament will begin on August 11, 2023 at 10 A.M. LT and end at August 13, 2023 in Yokohama, Japan. The winner will get $10,00 USD along with an in-game World Champion 2023 outfit and pose.

Runner up will get $7,500 USD, third place will get $5,000 USD, fourth place will get $4,000 USD and there are multiple other cash prizes till the 16th position holder.

The previous edition of the Go World Championships was held in United Kingdom. This year, players can capitalise on special tasks and bonuses.

Pokemon Go World Championships event 2023 bonuses and debuts

Two new Pokemon will debut in the AR-based game during the event, namely World Championships 2023 Pikachu and Passimian. WC Pikachu will be wearing a shirt promoting the tournament in Japan. Passimian, the Teamwork Pokemon belonging to the Alola region, will be in its classic Lemur-like form carrying a coconut.

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Both WC Pikachu and Passimian can be obtained from either Field Research or Raids. Passimian’s shiny form is yet to be released though:-

  • Passimian: 3-Star Raid (Weakness: Fairy, Flying, Psychic-type moves)
  • World Championship 2023 Pikachu*: 1-Star Raid (Weakness: Ground-type moves)

The following bonuses will be activated during the Go World Championships:-

  • Maximum number of sets per day in the Go Battle League will go up from 5 to 10.
  • Pokemon encountered via Go Battle League rewards will have a good IV.

Spawns during the Pokemon Go World Championships event

Shiny Scraggy will make its debut during the event. It can be obtained in the wild along with 10 other Pokemon and their Shiny variants. Only Wooloo doesn’t have a shiny form in Pokemon Go as of yet.

  • Machop – Evolves into Machoke (25 Candy) and then Machamp (100 Candy)
  • Chinchou – Evolves into Lanturn (50 Candy)
  • Wooper – Evolves into Quagsire (50 Candy)
  • Sableye – Mega evolution available
  • Meditite – Evolves into Medicham (50 Candy) / mega evolution available
  • Spheal – Evolves into Walrein (100 Candy)
  • Drilbur – Evolves into Excadril (50 Candy)
  • Scraggy – Evolves into Scrafty (50 Candy)
  • Bunnelby – Evolves into Diggersby (50 Candy)
  • Wooloo – Evolves into Dubwool (50 Candy)
  • Onix – Evolves into Steelix (50 Candy and Metal Coat)
  • Lickitung – Evolves into Lickilicky (100 Candy and Sinnoh Stone)
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Field Research rewards and Featured Attacks

The following Pokemon could be obtained as Field Research reward in the Pokemon Go World Championships event 2023. Evolve them to make them learn specific, destructive Quick or Charged Attacks.

Note: (*) indicates the availability of their shiny variant.

  • World Championship Pikachu*
  • Seel* – Evolve a Seel during the event to get a Dewgong that knows the Fast Attack Ice Shard and the Charged Attack Icy Wind.
  • Galarian Zigzagoon* – Evolve Galarian Linoone during the event to get an Obstagoon that knows the Charged Attack Obstruct
  • Passimian
  • Spheal* – Evolve it into Sealeo with 25 Candy. Then evolve Sealeo to get a Walrein that knows the Fast Attack Powder Snow and Charged Attack Icicle Spear.
  • Alolan Sandshrew* (Ice) – Evolve Alolan Sandshrew during the event to get an Alolan Sandslash that knows the Fast Attack Shadow Claw.
  • Magikarp*
  • Wimpod

Evolve Machoke during the Pokemon Go World Championship 2023 event to get a Machamp that knows the Charged Attack Payback. Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain a Machoke during the event. The only way to capitalise on the Featured Attacks is by catching a Machop in the wild and evolving it.

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Timed Research

A free timed research with rewards such as World Championships Pikachu and an Elite TM will be globally available for trainers starting from 10 AM LT on August 11.