Best Recoil Control Tips for Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a competitive multiplayer shooting game that requires a tactical mind, fast reflexes, and pinpoint accuracy. While the former two aspects can be developed naturally as players get accustomed with the gameplay, accuracy needs to be honed. Controlling recoil and aiming for the head becomes key factors in the game that could change the tide of battles.

Recoil management makes all the difference between newbie and a pro. Some players use the 4-Finger Claw gameplay to cut down on the recoil issues. Others take an old school approach to shooting games and play with pre-set button layout. Whichever method you prefer, there are certain steps to control the recoil of a gun.

Here are some best recoil control tips for Call of Duty Mobile.

Understand the recoil movement

Different guns have different recoil patterns. For example, AK47 has a strong vertical recoil but offers heavy damage with every bullet while most SMGs have a horizontal or lateral recoil. Understanding these patterns is the first step to recoil control in COD: Mobile. Practice in the training ground to get accustomed with the patterns.

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Once done practicing with a gun without any attachments, try using Grips and Barrels. These assist in recoil control. Get used to the smaller recoil pattern and try to aim directly at the dummy’s head while jumping or moving sideways. If you want to notch your recoil control skills a step further, try accurately aiming with AK47 and a 4x scope.

Burst firing or the Tap method

Instead of firing a full spray of bullets, consider firing in brief bursts of two or four shots. This is one of the easiest methods to control recoil in Call of Duty Mobile. Don’t long press the trigger button – simply tap to fire a bullet, then another and then another. This way, you could eliminate long range enemies with assault rifles like AK47 or Swordfish.

Tapping entails firing single bullets at a controlled rate. However, this could be difficult to control for newbies. Try using SMGs in this manner instead of assault rifles as they have a very low recoil. Switchblade, Bizon and Cordite have some of the lowest recoil.

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Adjust sensitivity settings

In-game sensitivity settings are important in controlling recoil in Call of Duty Mobile. A balanced sensitivity is required for the best gameplay. High sensitivity setting will cause the crosshair to wander around wildly and you may struggle to get it right. A low sensitivity value can impair a player’s ability to aim swiftly.

Experiment with various sensitivity settings to see what works best based on your own preferences and playstyle. Adjusting and fine-tuning your sensitivity regularly after practice or battles can lead to better recoil management. Take note of settings used by professional players on Twitch or YouTube and check if you can implement them in the game. It is usually the best settings for a critical gameplay.

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