Can Kyurem Be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Kyurem is a Dragon/Ice-type creature belongs to the Unovan religion since July 2020 in Pokemon GO. It is mainly a raid boss when it appears in the game. And many of you as a player of Pokemon GO might be curious about the Shiny form of Kyurem. Here comes the main question – ‘does Kyurem has a shiny form available or not?

Does Shiny Kyurem Available in Pokemon Go

The answer is Yes, Kyurem has a shiny form available in Pokemon Go which was released during 2021’s Holiday event in Pokemon GO which also means that if you as a player can encounter Kyurem then there is a high chance that you will get a shiny form of it.

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shiny Kyurem Pokemon Go
shiny kyurem

But getting this Shiny Pokemon is not easy for the players and it is the toughest challenge also. But if you participate in the Holiday events then it might be easy for you.

The events of Holidays for Pokémon GO are especially accessible to Trainers throughout the world with its festive-themed content and activities which are very popular among the players. Here you should know that the Christmas-themed event mainly reintroduced the Kyurem, a Dragon/Ice-type Pokémon as its five-star Raid Boss in Pokemon Go.

How To Catch Shiny Kyurem in Pokemon Go

As we discussed above, finding a Shiny Kyurem is not easy for the players in Pokemon Go. You have to know it all moves very well before encountering it.

It has a very famous icy-charged move called Glaciate which is mainly used in the Gym, Trainer, and Raid Battles and it also has 60 Power and buff which will decrease the attack stat of your enemies.

If you are using it then before using it you have to know that it uses in Raid Battles and Gym and this Charged Attack has the power of 160 stat for 2.5 seconds. And Kyurem’s weaknesses are Fairy, Rock, Dragon, Fighting and Steel.

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To get the Shiny Kyurem you need to defeat it multiple times in a raid battle to encounter the shiny form.

Trainers also want to add Kyurem to their Pokédex which will be very helpful to fight against the Flying, Grass, Dragon, and Ground Pokémon. The easily available Pokémons like Lucario, Scizor, Machamp, and Gardevoir have easily defeated Pokémon but the legendary Pokémons like Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Salamence are very strong and effective against Kyurem.

This is the detailed information about Shiny Kyurem that you should know if you are new here and we hope that this article will be helpful for you. For more relevant guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section at our homepage.

When was shiny Kyurem released?

December 16th, 2021

How many Kyurem are there?

Kyurem has two alternate forms: White Kyurem and Black Kyurem, which are formed by combining with Reshiram and Zekrom, respectively, sharing many aspects of their designs with them.

Is Kyurem the original dragon?

According to the Drayden in Black 2 and White 2, Kyurem is a remaining form of the original dragon after it was split into two.

Does Kyurem fly?

Kyurem’s moves are Glaciate, DragonBreath, Slash, and Fly.

Is Kyurem the most powerful Dragon?

Yes, Kyurem is considered as the most powerful and aggressive Dragon-type Pokémon in Pokemon Go, and it also has the capacity to convert into Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, utilizing the powers of Zekrom and Reshiram, respectively, while in those forms.