PS Plus Free Games List (2024)

Today I’ll be revealing the PS Plus free games August 2023 that are available to download for all PlayStation Plus members. Before we proceed, keep in mind that PlayStation 5 owners can access PlayStation 4 titles via backward compatibility.

So make sure you redeem your monthly games even if you don’t plan on playing them right away, once redeemed they’re yours to keep for as long as you are a PlayStation Plus member.

PlayStation Plus Free Games List

PS Plus Free Games
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So let’s see what’s coming out way in PlayStation Plus Free Games in August 2023. These three games are available for  PS Plus EssentialPS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Premium members.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Available until 3rd August 2023

In this Jurassic World Evolution 2 game, you’ll attempt to build and manage a dinosaur theme park. You engineer new breeds and build perfect pens and hand-pick the staff to police and nurture your bloodthirsty tenants.

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These dinosaurs have boosted territorial AI in this sequel which means it’s not just about building a suitable home but adapting to changing habits and turf wars between species and this game was released on the 6th of June.

NBA 2K23

Available until 3rd August 2023

While NBA 2k23 is a cutting-edge basketball game, this particular entry has an eye on the past like the Jordan challenge built around the Legendary Micheal Jordan.

The mode puts you in his massive self-branded shoes to relive games from his early college days all the way to his final championship victory in 1998. This game was released for PS4 and PS5 users on the 6th of June.

Trek to Yomi

Available until 3rd August 2023

For our final PlayStation Plus monthly game, we going back in time to the Edo period of feudal Japan as we embark on a bloody quest for vengeance. This is a savage side-scrolling action game as vengeful swordsman Hiroki dispatches enemies by reading their posture and striking swiftly.

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You also get to play with a bow and shuriken as you proceed. All PlayStation Plus members should sharpen their blades and prepare for Trek to Yomi on PS4 and PS5 on the 6th of June.

Far Cry 6

Available for PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium members only

Far Cry 6’s open-world sandbox allows you to complete tasks, liberate outposts, and engage in combat against Castillo’s army. You can use a variety of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets to take out foes and conquer numerous tasks throughout the game.

The inclusion of “Supremo” backpacks, which provide players with unique skills and strong assaults, is one of Far Cry 6 standout features. These bags are upgradeable and customized throughout the game.

Once redeemed and added to your library, these games are yours to keep as long as you remain a PlayStation Plus user. Let me know in the comment section what you make of June’s lineup and I’ll see you in the next guide.

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