Psychic-Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

Pokemon Go features many different types of Pokemon. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Physic-Type Pokemon can be especially troublesome on the battlefield. They can put your Pokemon in a single move. 

Psychic-type Pokemon have existed since the very first generation of Pokemon Games. They are great if you’re using them but a lot of trouble if they are your enemy. Still, there are some well-known weaknesses that you can exploit when battling another trainer or trying to catch them in the wild. 

Psychic-Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Psychic Type Pokemon Go Weakness
psychic pokemon weakness

The Psychic-types are weak against Dark-type, Ghost, and Bug Pokemon. Dark-type Pokemon are immune to Psychic moves. They are the most useful in combat. Psychic moves do not have heavy damage against Steel Pokemon or other psychic types. There is little point in bringing a Psychic Pokemon to battle another one.  

Psychic-Type Pokemon Resistances

Psychic-type Pokemon are resistant to Fighting and Psychic Pokemon. They are resistant to their own and fighting ones. Its Psychic attacks hit incredibly well against Poison

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