Stardew Valley: How To Befriend Marnie

Friendship is a super important part of Stardew Valley from login you get 100% completion to just marrying someone.

However, the fastest way to gain it is often hard to find out and takes a long time so today I’ll be explaining how friendship works and how to befriend Marnie and what items to give to them. Without further ado let’s get into it.

Friendship is represented by hearts and each heart equals 250 friendship points. You can gain friendship by talking to villagers, also if they’re performing a special action like Sam riding a skateboard for example an extra couple of friendship points, completing an item delivery for them or giving them a gift.

become friends with marnie
stardew marnie

You gain friendship through gifting but gifting is affected by many things like if they like the gift, is it their birthday, is it the winter star festival, quality of the gift and many more reasons. Just remember to always give people gifts they love at high quality and never forget their birthdays.

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Also, you can also gain friendship by inviting them to the movie theatre and buying a snack. Keep in mind that friendship can go down by not talking to the villagers which causes the friendship to decay but the friendship cannot decay if it’s already 10 hearts and above.

How to Befriend Marnie

Marnie is the caretaker for Shane and jazz and a pretty decent person. Apart from her constantly leaving the store in the middle of the day, her story mainly centers around the affairs with Lewis which is pretty good in a decent story.

She loves diamonds and cakes and you can get hearts with her pretty quickly with those two things and her birthday is fall 18th to be sure to keep that in mind.

That’s how to befriend Marnie as I’ll see you in the next guide of Stardew Valley.