Red Dead Redemption 2: All Rocky Seven Locations

Rocky Seven rdr2 ( Red Dead Redemption 2) is owned by a couple who recently bought it in the game’s far north of Van Horn. This house is significant during the robbery mission because the players must break into this location and steal valuable items.

However, some players find it challenging to complete this mission due to a lack of instructions on when and where this house can be located and how to get past the locked door.

This article contains a comprehensive guide to help you locate Rocky Seven in rdr 2.  

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rocky Seven location

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Rocky Seven rdr2

Rocky Seven’sseven’s location for rdr 2 can be found if you move to the northeastern end of the map in Williard’s crest. Once you get there, you will find a medium-sized cabin with an outhouse to the left on the same property. If you are skeptical, check it with the image in your log next to home robbery. 

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If you wish to use the directions from the map, Rocky Seven can be found north of Annesburg and northeast of Brandywine Drop. 

However, you can only access the house once you reach a specific position in the game. 

Rdr2 Rocky Seven: Why can’t I find or enter the Rocky Seven?

The house of the wealthy couple is found north of the Van Horn. However, many people need help finding it even in that direction. Why is it, though? 

Well, the reason is simple. The couple’s house in Red Dead Redemption 2 only triggers once you reach chapter 6 of the game’s story. Therefore, you will only be successful if you try to locate it before that. 

This level will be achieved after you have completed the mission ‘A Fork in the Road.’ 

So, even though you are given a hint about Rocky Seven’s location in Chapter 2, you can only act upon it after Chapter 6. 

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