How To Reset Xbox Series S and X (2022)

This is a comprehensive guide based on how to factory reset Xbox Series S with complete information and step-by-step instructions.

To reset all the data from the Xbox series S, to clear the unnecessary files, to erase the unknown files from the device the factory reset feature is used. If your device is lagging, facing overheating problems, the storage gets full with fewer documents then you need to do the factory reset in your device. The factory reset option will erase all your saved data, game, and other related files also.

The Xbox series, when starting again after the factory reset will appear as the device arrived with zero data in it. Many users do this once in a while to clear the irrelevant data from the device.

The factory reset is not required if your device is working just fine, the factory reset is required when the device starts facing problems. Furthermore, all data will be cleared so if your game is in process and forgot to save the process all data after that will be erased from that.

Difference Between Soft Reset, Hard Reset, and Factory Reset

You can easily reset your Xbox Series S or X to quickly fix some of the common issues such as the Xbox Series S crashing problem in no time. But first, you need to know what is the main difference between Reset, Hard Reset, and Factory Reset and what you need to perform on your Xbox Series.


Reset of Soft Reset refers to when you simply turn off the Xbox Series X or S and again turn it on with the help of Power button then in this called Reset or reboot lots of time this will quickly fix some common issues.

Hard Reset

This form of reset necessitates completely shutting down your console before turning it back on. Since electricity has been fully withdrawn, more things have been cleared out and more difficulties have been resolved.

Factory Reset

The Factory Reset option is used to reset undoes all changes made to your console after it was sent from the factory. Local data is deleted, and you must reinstall system updates, download games afresh, and more. In simple words, After the factory Reset your device is the same as it comes when you newly purchase it with all default settings.

How to Factory Reset the Xbox Series S

Follow this guide to factory reset your Xbox series s, this guide will help you but before that don’t forget to save data so when you log in the back can restore the data where you left. Remember your id password if any you have.

xbox series s factory reset
reset xbox series s

Turn on Xbox Series S and simply press the Guide button and then navigate to the Profile & Settings > Settings.

Now you need to again navigate to the System > Console Info.

Now select and click on the Reset Console option with the help of the controller. There will be two options on the screen, keep the apps and games or remove everything as you wish. Now you can select one of the options from these with controller

whichever option you selected now wait till the process is completed.

If your device is new and facing normal issues then we will recommend you to keep the apps and games. If the issues are unbearable then go with the option of removing everything. But make sure that all data of the games are saved in the cloud so the games data can recover after factory reset.

Reset the Xbox from the System

This is not like an actual reset for the Xbox series. the data of the game or another will not get affected by this. The only thing that will happen is your device will run smoother than before.

To do this follow the guide step:

  1. First Turn off the Xbox.
  2. After couples of minutes start the device again.
  3. Now turn on the device and select the guide option from the screen
  4. further select the profile & settings then power option.
  5. Select the reset consoles option from the screen.

This is not like the reset, it just works as the reboot option. Some of the irrelevant cache files will be removed with this.


Factory Reset Xbox Series X – Step By Step

xbox series s hard reset
reset xbox series s

To hard reset your device from it, then follow these mentioned steps. These steps are different from those mentioned before. The other step mentioned in the first guide will do the hard factory reset while power off and this step help you to perform the hard rest from the inside of the device:

  1. Click on the guide from the screen.
  2. Further select the profile & settings then settings.
  3. Choose the reset console after that.
  4. A new window will open the screen, stating as, reset and remove everything or Reset and keep the apps and games.
  5. Select any of the options if you want to reset the device.
  6. Wait if you selected any of the options.

If you did the reset and removed everything then the device will look as you first purchased it. The device will run smoother than before.

If you are required to perform this task many times then repair the Xbox series x or get a solution from the care support. Now you have to download all the data and have to login again on the device.

If you are facing not many issues then do the system reboot in a week so the device can run without glitches and have a better gaming experience

If you are performing the rest and keeping the data, then there are chances that the issues you are facing might occur again so to minimize the issues, store the data in place, then perform a hard reset in the device after the process is complete and restore all your required data in the device.

Nonetheless, if you reset the device then switch the cables also. Sometimes what happens there is connectivity issues appear and leads to more problems in the device, so while doing this after a while changing the cables is not necessary but to run the game in a flow apply these tips also,

At last, while selecting any of the options there is no such thing as confirmation or anything. As you click on the option the process will start doing, so if you are not certain about do or not then go with reset and keep apps and data. After a period you can also do the complete rest in the device with any of the options mentioned over here.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the how-to factory reset Xbox Series S with complete information.

how to hard reset Xbox series s?

To perform a hard reset on the Xbox series s you need to follow these steps. First of all, turn off your series s and then turn it on in a few minutes. Now you need to press and hold the Pair and Power buttons together for a few 4 seconds almost. The screen comes up with a message and several options in which you need to select Rest This Xbox and follow on-screen instructions to perform the hard reset.

How to factory reset Xbox Series S without turning it on

Follow the steps to factory reset Xbox Series S without turning it on. First of all, you need to Press, the Guide button. and then navigate to the Profile & Settings > Settings and then again navigate to System > Console Info. After that, you need to choose the Reset Console option and You’ll see three options on the Reset your console? screen: Reset, Reset, and Remove Everything. This option returns the console to its original factory settings.

How long does it take to factory reset Xbox Series S

The Factory Reset usually takes from 5 to 10 minutes.

How to clear Xbox Series S cache

Using the controller or the console’s power off button, turn off your Xbox Series X or S. Remove the power cable from the power source. Allow at least two minutes to pass. Reconnect the cord to your power source. Return the console to its original state. It’s time to clean the cache.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful.

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