How To Reset Xbox Series S, Series X & Xbox One (2024)

If you’re selling or regifting your Xbox One to get a new Xbox Series X. Then the important thing for you to remember before you give your Xbox to anyone you must factory reset Xbox it.

This will wipe out all your personal stored data from your Xbox. Similar to the PC and Phone, the factory reset is one of the best options to reset the device to its default settings.

Here we covered all the information you must know in order to reset your Xbox without having hassle.

How to Factory Reset Your Xbox

There are multiple options were available for resetting your Xbox. Microsoft offered two options from which any Xbox User can easily able to remove their personal data from their Xbox devices.

These options are Xbox Users can completely wipe out their Xbox data or partly wipe out the Xbox. In order to access both options you need to press the Xbox Button to open the menu and navigate to the Profile & System.

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xbox settings options
reset xbox series s

Now you need to again navigate to Settings > System > Console Info.

xbox system
reset xbox series s

Under the Console Info. the option you see the Reset Console option and once you select it with the help of the controller.

reset xbox
reset xbox series s

There will be two options on the screen, Reset and Remove Everything or Reset and Keep My Games & Apps. Now you can select one of the options from these with the controller.

factory reset xbox
reset xbox series s

whichever option you selected now wait till the process is completed.

If your device is new and facing normal issues then we will recommend you keep the apps and games.

If the issues are unbearable then go with the option of removing everything. But make sure that all data of the games are saved in the cloud so the game’s data can recover after a factory reset.


This is the end of how-to reset Xbox guide for more similar content do read our Xbox Guides for more helpful articles such as how to buy used Xbox or connect Xbox to Airpods or Xbox not working and more.

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