How To Buy Used Xbox Series X Online [2024]

The Xbox Series X was launched in 2020. Many users just purchase the device then due for many reasons they either sell the product to a friend, on an e-commerce selling website or return to the manufacturing company.

There is no doubt that the Xbox series x is one of the great consoles but many of them switch to other devices when any new gaming device launches so what they do is either exchange with that product or sell the product to generate cash flow out of it and purchase a new product with that money.

So the product is in its best condition but users switch to other products to explore new features of the devices. Furthermore, if the user is selling the device then it’s not compulsory that the product is in the best condition, the device can be damaged or have any other systematic issues.

used xbox series x
Used Xbox Series X

Here we will discuss the trusted place to purchase the used Xbox Series X:

The first one is through its official website.

To purchase the used Xbox Series X there is first a trusted source visit the Xbox website or Microsoft and then further search the product.

On the website, you will find out that the Xbox Series X is at less price than the actual product cause the product is either replaced by the previous user. The Xbox team gets the product from the last user and then solves the issues the device is facing. Then they just repack it and sell the product with the same features and accessories on the websites.

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The only issues you will face are the warranty issues, the warranty period will be less than the actual product warranty. But the price will be low so it’s ok you can purchase extra insurance for the devices.


The other trusted source is Walmart, the Walmart is another official seller of the Xbox x gaming device:

Visit the Walmart website and search for the Xbox x series used version. If the version is available there it will appear or will show the new version. With Walmart or any other platform, the feature or any other accessories a product has will be the same as a new purchase but it will be used by users for some period.

Best buy:

You can also purchase the Xbox series x from best buy, the problem with best buy is the availability in your region. The best buy option is available for Canada, the US, and Mexico. If you belong to any other country then you are not eligible for the purchase of the product whether it’s used or new.


GameStop is the platform where you can make the purchase of the Xbox series x used. The GameStop will provide you with the best-used product in the best condition it like the other trusted source we mentioned here, you will never feel like it is a used product it will work just like the new product and won’t face any discomfort while using it.

Amazon is the most trusted source of the product because its delivery system, the product you will receive, has no chance of further defect if you purchase the original product or as the second user. The only thing that will vary about the product is its time period of warranty, availability of its collar, and themes as you want. The product will be available but the theme you want might not be present there.

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The other online trusted source is Target. ANTONLINE, NEWEGG. These are the other trusted sources if you purchase the used version of the Xbox series x. The thing with all the websites is their availability on the inventory.

If the product is available at that you can make a purchase out of it but sometimes have to wait for a while. Otherwise, the all mentioned platforms have specifications related to the product, read it twice before making any of the purchases and read all the data carefully if the product is not working can you replace its option, the availability of customer care support and the other basic things?

Offline stores:

The other trusted source to make a purchase of the Xbox x series used version is the offline stores. To make sure the used version will be okay visit the official sellers in your nearby areas. Do not go to a random gaming shop to purchase the version.

Make a purchase from the genuine app store. The problem with the offline store is that if the store is official then there are no issues with purchasing the product just take care of the service terms while purchasing it, the other gaming store will probably scam you with the used version of either one of its accessories will not available, you will face many issues while using so avoid that.

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With friends:

If your friend is switching to another device and offering the product to you, just do one thing first to confirm the product is working fine by you then go to the store to check its condition of it. All functions work fine and do not have other internal issues. The problem with this is the warranty of the product, the warranty will last from when your friend purchased the product and will end in that span. So check the details carefully.

At last, while purchasing from any of the devices we would like to recommend extra security for the product. While purchasing the product, many online sellers have that option with some extra you can extend the warranty of the product.

If any issues arise with the device you can just claim it. If it comes under the warranty pack then the issues will be solved easily. Read all the instructions of the data carefully if you are making a purchase of the product from a direct seller, not all of them but a few of them are scammers.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful.

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