Rune Factory 3 How To Get Grass

Rune Factory 3 is similar to Rune Factory 4 or even Rune Factory 5 in that the gameplay has always been a blend of agricultural simulation and action RPG. Farming is quite basic. The only things to keep track of are farmland, seasonal crops, and a few agricultural tools—but if it ain’t busted, don’t repair it.

The action RPG aspects that appear in the game’s dungeons are likewise simple and verge on button-mashing. But, with seven different weapons to learn and spells to equip, this is yet another instance of leaving well enough alone. 

The game’s extensive crafting mechanism is where it gets deep. Crops may be utilized to make food, foraged goods can be combined to make remedies, and mined minerals can be used to make weapons and accessories. There is also the opportunity to upgrade things that the player currently possesses.

Players can also bestow stuff on creatures they encounter in an attempt to tame them. Tamed monsters dwell on the player’s farm, and some of them, such as the chicken-like Cluckadoodle and the cow-like Buffamoo, serve as the game’s livestock and provide daily drops. 

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How to get grass in Rune Factory 3

The only way to buy grass in Rune Factory 3 is to buy grass seeds from the flower shop. Here’s how to acquire the seeds;

From the local shops, like the Diamond General Store, Fantastic Flowers or Yue’s shop found inside Miyako Inn.

With a low chance, random seeds will drop by picking up wild growth like colored grass and bamboo sprouts. What seeds drop when picking wild growth depends on the season, and they usually grow quickly to maturity, like Pink Turnip and Turnip.

Harvesting crops will yield seeds of that crop regularly, not for all though. Alternatively, using a sickle on a fully grown crop will provide higher quality seeds, though the crop will be lost and can no longer be harvested. This works even better on re-growing crops as the plant isn’t damaged.

That’s how to get grass in Rune Factory 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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