Rune Factory 3 How To Get Married

In Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, relationships are a gaming component. Giving a gift on the bachelorette’s birthday will double her love points, while giving her a disliked gift will double her hate points.

Completing her request will get you 5 Love points. A Love Potion to a bachelorette will increase her Love Points by 1-100 depending on how many times Micah gains the love points.

Micah must befriend a bachelorette in order to gain 7 hearts and begin dating her. After then, he can ask the bachelorette out by hitting the L or R buttons on the Nintendo DS while talking to her.

Micah must enter one of the date sites (Vale: Icy Rosebush, Sol Terrano: Star Dunes, Privera: Flower Field, and Oddward: Rainbow Falls) to initiate a date cut-scene. Every bachelorette has a favorite date spot, and she will say something when he invites her out. This is still possible after marriage.

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How to get married in Rune Factory 3

Married Rune Factory 3
Rune Factory 3 How To Get Married

Micah must complete 10 of the bachelorette’s requirements, befriend her for 10 LP, combine the town and Univir, and get the double bed from Diamond General Store in order to marry.

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Later, Wells and Marjorie will appear and give him the Workshop engagement ring recipe. Micah must be Level 20 to make this and collect two Silver and one Ruby. After killing the twin monsters at Oddward, the double bed will become accessible.

Love Points

  • Level 1: 0-99
  • Level 2: 100-199
  • Level 3: 200-299
  • Level 4: 300-399
  • Level 5: 400-499
  • Level 6: 500-699
  • Level 7: 700-799
  • Level 8: 800-899
  • Level 9: 900-999
  • Level 10: 1000+

The love point status parameter, which ranges from 1 to 10, defines how close a bachelorette is to Micah. Only characters with a heart symbol in their buddy list have the ability to fall in love with him. The following actions can be used to gain or reduce love points:

  • Talking to the bachelorette
  • Having perfume on
  • Giving the bachelorette a liked gift
  • Giving the bachelorette a favorite gift   
  • Giving the bachelorette a hated gift

That’s how to marry in Rune Factory 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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