Savannah James Height: How Tall Is Lebron James Wife?

Lebron James is a famous basketball player and is highly successful. Savannah James is the high school sweetheart and wife of Lebron James. Despite being married to a rich man, Savannah has made herself quite a fortune through various business ventures.

But, she is famous for more than just being a successful entrepreneur and Lebron James’ wife. Yes, you heard it right. People often praise this family for their height. Thus, Savannah’s height often remains a hot topic among her followers. 

This article will finally discuss Savannah and her family’s height, ending people’s confusion forever.

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savannah james height in feet
Savannah James Height

Height of Savannah and Lebron’s Children

Savannah James is a popular personality worldwide. She is famous for being the wife of NBA player Lebron James and a successful female entrepreneur.

Sources suggest that Savannah is almost worth 50 million USD. However, despite knowing all this already, people have more questions about her. One of the most famous ones is how tall Savannah James is. 

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Well, Savannah James is a tall woman. She has an ideal height and a model-like look. But how tall? That’s the real question. Savannah is 5 ft 7 inches tall, while her husband, James, is 6 ft 9 inches tall. The couple is indeed tall for their respective genders. 

However, if you check out their photos on Instagram or anywhere else on the internet, they only have a foot’s difference. 

Savannah and Lebrons Children

What is the height of Lebron James’s Children? 

The couple must have tall kids as well. Lebron and Savannah have three kids together. 

Their eldest son Bronny James is 18 and 6 ft 2 inches tall. However, their 15-year-old middle child Bryce has grown up to 6 ft 6 inches, beating his brother in this game.

Zhurri is the youngest child of the couple. She was seven at the time and had a height of approximately 4 ft. 

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