Sea of Stars How To Fish

Fishing is something that many players like in Sea of Stars, as it is in most comfortable games. Fishing in Sea of Stars, is a type of mini-game that is fully voluntary, therefore there is no official necessity to perform it. However, it may be worthwhile merely because fish may be utilized in recipes or labeled as collections.

A lake with a fishing rod will be found as you continue through the beginning of Sea of Stars. This introduction to fishing will be the same whether Valere or Zale is chosen as the protagonist. All of the various fishing lakes in Sea of Stars should be plainly visible on the map, and to fish, simply walk up to the lake and interact with it. Without further ado, here’s how to fish in Sea of Stars.

How To Fish in Sea of Stars 

The fishing mini-game will be activated when interacting with a fishing site in Sea of Stars. Players must control the direction of the line when casting it before hitting enter to drop it into the water. The line must be hauled in after a fish is hooked, or earlier if nothing is being caught.

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When a fish is hooked, a zone signifying the “safe zone” will appear, which players should aim to stay in while tugging in the other direction. This is how the fish will be brought in, but be careful not to pull too hard or too quickly against the fish, as this can cause the line to snap and the fish to escape. A flickering red line will suggest that something is going to happen, so take it easy.

Certain fish will attempt to leap to escape the line while being pulled in on occasion. This is the ideal time to try to knock the fish unconscious. The only time to accomplish this is when it is in the air; if the chance is lost, proceed as usual. If the fish is knocked out, continue reeling it in as soon as possible.

So that’s how to fish in Sea of Stars as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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