Somerville How Long To Beat

Somerville is the debut game from Jumpship, which contains at least one former Playdead developer, which may explain why the unsettling alien invasion plot is reminiscent of Inside and Limbo.

If you’re wondering how long it takes to defeat Somerville, I’ll tell you in this guide. Continue reading to see how long the game is and what it implies for you if you decide to pursue its several possible endings.

Somerville: How Long to Beat

Somerville should take players about 3.5 hours to finish. In actuality, if the player is prepared to consult guides that discuss the game’s endings and collectibles, it is possible to get all of the game’s accomplishments in that length of time.

This makes Somerville a wonderful title for indie video game lovers eager to rack up some fast GamerScore, however gamers wishing for a more in-depth experience may be disappointed by this statistic.

To elaborate on the game’s milestones, fans will earn one for each ending that they reach. Again, if a player understands what they are supposed to do, earning every ending in Somerville is not extremely time-consuming.

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However sorting things out without any aid may be pretty perplexing. The procedure of gaining the Understanding ending, in particular, is rather esoteric, and it may take fans many hours to figure it out for themselves.

Somerville’s First Contact accomplishment can potentially lengthen a game for those who seek to complete it without assistance. This accomplishment focuses on identifying sentient orbs, and players must trigger 10 interactions to get it.

While many of these encounters are quite easy to locate, this is not the case for all of them, and it may take fans some time to locate those that are well concealed.

It’s worth noting that Somerville’s chapter pick option is a useful tool for accomplishment hunters. This feature, in fact, allows players to easily browse through the game’s 14 chapters and the checkpoints that divide those chapters.

As a result, players of sci-fi games need not be afraid about missing achievement triggers on a first playtime, as chapter pick allows them to be targeted rather accurately.

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That’s how long it takes to play Somerville as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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