Sekiro Mask Fragment Locations Guide

A mask fragment in Sekiro is a piece that makes up the dancing dragon mask. Once you have collected all three mask fragments, you can increase your attack power with skill points. 

There are three parts to the mask: left, right, and dragon. In this guide, I will show all sekiro mask fragments chronologically. The last fragments are missable, as it depends on what ending you pick. 

All Sekiro Mask Fragment Locations

Like everything in Sekiro, getting your hands on all 3 mask fragments isn’t easy. You need to do a fair amount of grinding and know where to look. 

Mask Fragment: Right

Jump down from the Hirata Estate’s first idol, “Dragon Spring,” down the cliff. You will see a bridge on the left and a lake on the right.

If you swim through the lake and go to an island, you will find a merchant in a barrel. You can purchase the right mask fragment from him for 7 Treasure Carp Scales

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Mask Fragment: Dragon (Center)

You will see a tent on the left of Ashina Castle’s Abandoned Dragon Idol. A merchant inside will be selling the dragon mask fragment for 5000 sen. You can farm this by killing the same group of enemies and collecting the money they drop. 

Mask Fragment: Left

This location is missable. After defeating the Corrupted Monk and Guardian Ape, you must return to Ashina Castle and talk to an owl on the Tower Rooftop. 

He will give you two choices:

  • Betray Kuro (Bad ending)
  • Stay loyal to Kuro

The exact dialogue is: “Break the iron code. Stay loyal to Kuro”. You will be ported to the Fountainhead Palace as you step into the tent at Ashina Depth’s Wedding Cave Door idol. You will reach the Palace Grounds idol as you go through Fountainhead Palace. 

Exit the next door to the left, and you will see a bridge with a waterfall. You will grapple up to a secret passage and reach Near Pot Noble Idol. The idol will sell you the left mask fragment for 12 treasure carp scales

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This is all for how to get Mask Fragment in Sekiro for more relevant guides do check our Sekiro guides section. Such as All Sekiro Bosses In Order and more.