All Sekiro Bosses In Order Ranked

Sekiro is one of the best games similar to the Elden Ring and Dark Souls 3 by the FromSoftware. Well, the story of the Sekiro game is also interesting in which you’re the shinobi who takes his revenge on the samurai clan that kidnapped his lord.

In the Sekiro there are multiple powerful bosses that you need to defeat in the game with special gestures, better health and specific mechanics.

Some bosses can be optional, others have to be defeated in order to continue the game. Most bosses have multiple red markers next to their vitality bar that has to be removed before the boss can be killed.

Here in this guide, I will explain what is the correct order to defect all the Sekiro Bosses without having a hassle. Following are the Sekiro Bosses in order.

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa

Sekiro Bosses

It was the first boss in Serkro that you encounter in the game. I suggest you clearly stay away from him and use the chances to grapple with his health.

They appear after passing you, and before any big attacks, when he turns around. Invest in the ability to grapple attack as quickly as possible to make the best of these assaults.

The other tactic is much more offensive to deal with this early boss. Since the adversary is large and he is driving safely around sitting on a large steed, you can still deflect his attacks.

You can knock out his horse, harm his stance and get some strong attacks if you weave on some use of Firecracker.


Lady Butterfly

Similar to the other Sekiro bosses, Lady Butterfly also has two phases of fight agile and aggressive. You will encounter her in the Hirata Estate memories location and she is an optional boss. So it totally depends on you if you want to fight her or not.

If you decide to fight her, then you can easily defect by simply following the dodge and attack fighting style and more importantly, you can hide in the wooden pillar in order to avoid her attacks and follow the dodge and attack fighting style and soon you bring her health to zero.

In the second phase, she will summon the shadow minions. You can use the snap seed to defeat all the shadow minions. After that, she will summon the summon butterflies and to succeed you only need to follow the doge and attack fighting style and you will win.



In the Sekiro game, you will Genichiro Ashina three times in the game. The first time you will encounter him is at the end of the prologue and in this fight, you must lose.

The second time you will encounter him at the top of the Ashina Castle and the last time you will face him at the third end of the game.



In the fight with the Folding Screen Monkeys, you come across a lot of puzzles. So basically it’s not a fight, here you need to take down four monkeys in the Illusive Hall of Senpou Temple.

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All four monkeys are the Invisible white monkey, purple monkey, orange monkey, and green monkey. This is not so much a boss battle as a constantly shifting puzzle. The monkeys will still be running and all four of them must be defeated.


Guardian Ape boss

The fight with the Guardian Ape is going to be an aggressive fight. Because the Ape is guarding the Lotus Of The Palace that you need to collect in the game to move forward.

He is wild and harmful that can deliver a lot of damage to you. So my advice is to keep your distance from him.

More importantly, the Ape has two health bars so it’s going to be hard for you. In the first phase of the fight, the ape will be the wild beast and Shinobi Firecracker and Flame Vent will be useful in order to take him down.

In the second phase of the fight, The Loaded Spear & Loaded Umbrella are helpful in the battle against the revived and beheaded Guardian Ape, an apparition-like foe.

Headless Ape

headless ape sekiro

Once you will defect the Guardian Ape you will need to defect the headless ape and it’s an optional boss, So it’s totally upon you to take him on or not if you want to defect him there is what you need to know about it.

Basically, the fight with the Headless Ape is a lot similar to the Guardian Ape. However, in the second phase, it will call off its friend and you need to fight them at the same time. I recommend you take down his friend and then go for the Headless Ape.

More importantly, the headless ape attacks were similar to the Guardian Ape and already know how you can defeat it without having a hassle.



In the game, there are two times when you face the Corrupted Monk. Now and later in the game, more importantly, this is one of the easiest bosses in the Serkiro game to defect because this boss has only a single health bar with basic illusionary attacks not that good to deliver harmful damage.

You can easily defect it using the Snap Speed along with the fistfuls of ash and firecracker that help you distract it and launch the attack to get more hits.



If you select the Shura ending of the game along the side with Owl then you will face the Isshin Ashina. In order to defect it you need to follow Dodge and Attack fighting style. I recommend dodging its attack from the left side will be a lot easier.

In the second phase, he fights more aggressively and starts using the fire slash and fire trail against you. In this phase you should use the firecrackers, it will help you to disturb his postures and you can get more hits. Repeat the dodge and attack style and you will easily win against him without having a hassle.



In the game, the Great Shinobi Owl is the father of Sekiro and you will fight him it depends on what ending you choose. Moreover, it is best to keep their distance from him during the fight in order to avoid the shurikens and his bombs.

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Similar to the other bosses, you need to follow the dodge and attack fighting style. However, the area of the fight is a bit smaller so moving around will be tricky. So basically, if he attacks you and missed you, you can land one or two hits and again keep your distance from him.

It’s best to have the whirlwind slash in this fight for the long-range attacks and make sure once he completes his combo moves. Then you need to attack to get a perfect hit and soon you will win this fight in no time.

True Corrupted Monk

True Corrupted Monk

Previously you have fought the Corrupted Monk and that was too easy because she only has a single health bar. But now the Ture Corrupted Monk has three health bars which mean the fight will go on for three phases.

In order to defect it, you’ll need to focus on his moves and attacks. The first phase fight is similar to the Mibu Village and you can easily proceed in the second phase, here the True Corrupted Monk will summon the shadow illusions and you can dodge using the Snap Speed.

In the last third phase of the fight, you need to use the Shinobi Firecracker for distraction and deliver 1 or 3 attacks. Simply follow this method and you can easily win this fight.



The fight with Divine Dragon is compulsory in the Sekiro game. You will encounter it at Fountainhead Palace and before fighting it you need to defect the old Dragons of the tree.

In the first phase, you need to take down the old dragon and for this, you need to Grapple on a tree branch and jump in order to deliver the perfect hit to the old dragon.

In the second phase of this fight, the Divine Dragon will appear and you see five three branches in front of you. In order to win this fight, you need to Grapple on a tree branch using the lighting and charge toward the dragon. Or you can use the dodge and attack fighting style.

Once you deliver the perfect hit, it will knock you back with the wind and you need to follow the grapple the tree branch with lighting and you can easily win this fight.

OWL Father

OWL Father

Similar to the Lady Butterfly, you win to encounter the OWL Father in the Hirata Estate. But this time you will fight the prime version of OWL and his faster and more aggressive.

So firstly you need to dodge his attack and focus on reading its moves. Once you know what is the perfect time to attack simply deliver the perfect hit.

More importantly, the Owl Father has every move such as the Mikiri counter and firecracker. So it’s not easy to defeat him. You need to practice a lot in order to defeat him.

In the first phase, you need to play aggressively using a fast dodge and attack fighting style in order to max your posture threshold. Once the posture gauge reaches full level, you can deliver the death blow in order to move to the second phase.

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In the second phase, he will summon his fire owl and pitch it toward you. In order to win focus on the moves and timing to win this fight.



The Demon of Hatred is an optional boss and one of the hardest bosses to defect in the Sekrio game. You will encounter him at the Ashina Outskirts, and he uses different types of attacks such as fire attacks with his rush, slam, and swing.

In order to take him down, you need to have the Suzaku’s Lotus Umbrella and the Malcontent Finger Whistle. It will help you to absorb all the fire attacks that aim at you. However, you can also It defect the boss without it but it was way to hard.

It’s one of the massive bosses that does not have any sword and deflecting its attacks is not possible if you don’t have practice. Moreover, the best way to fight with this boss is Dodge and Attack fighting style. The best option that helps you to defect it staying close to him to deliver perfect hits.


Emma The Gentle Blade

Emma’s a pretty warrior despite her name. The main step in this fight is to sheathe her blade, which means that she can unleash a two-hit quick combo from which you can parry or run.

You also have a very strong seizure attack from which you have to jump when you see the red kanji. This is a simple duel and while she’s a decent fighter, her stance isn’t great so it’s not difficult to whisper and defect her.



He is the final boss of Sekiro that you encounter in Ashina Reservoir. He is one of the hardest bosses of the game, he can use multiple types of combos, weapon arts, along with lightning attacks.

He uses lots of different combos, and you cannot able to deflect all of them and he also uses the spear for the longer-range attack in two-phase.

In order to defeat this boss, I can recommend you to focus on his attacks and combos using the dodge and attack fighting style whenever you see the kanji signs on his head. Use Suzaku’s Lotus Umbrella to deflect all the weapons attacks he launches toward you.

There is a total of three phases of this fight, in the first phase you need to deflect its attacks and deliver the perfect hits at the correct timing.

In the second phase, he uses the pistol so you need to keep your distance from him. In the third phase, he will launch lighting attacks, in this, you can take advantage of lighting reverse to deliver the hit. All you need to do is be patient and keep your distance from him and surely you will win the fight.

For more information watch this video.


Hopefully, you find this guide, helpful to understand how you can defect the Sekiro Bosses without having a hassle. For more similar tips check out our Sekiro Guides.

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