Where to find and use Sewer Gaol in Elden Ring

There are lots of in-game machines and items in Elden Ring that you can collect while exploring or completing certain questlines. Most of the questline give rewards that you can use in the exploration of the Elden Ring.

One of the rewards or items that you can get from completing the Dung Eater questline. Here we featured a guide that covers where to find and use the Sewer Gaol key in Elden Ring.

sewer gaol elden ring
sewer gaol elden ring

Where to find the Sewer Gaol Key in Elden Ring

In order to get the Sewer Gaol key you need to interact with NPC called Dung Eater you can find him in Roundhold Table near the Library at the recently unlocked door. In the room you will find a Red Spirt sitting on the floor and interacting with him will give you no results until you give him the Seedbed Curse.

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To obtain the Seedbed Curse you need to visit the Leyndell, Royal Capital. Simply enter the city and travel straight to the first elevator that takes you downward. After that you need to the right direction where you find the latter to take you and then up direction stairs you will find the corpse setting on the chair you can collect the Seedbed Curse.

Head back to the Dung Eater and give the Seedbed Curse and after the cutscene, he will give the Sewar Gaol key.

Where to use Sewar Gaol Key in Elden Ring

To use the Swear Gaol key you need to find the swear at the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital. From the head down using the stairs and then jump off the right side balcony move forward where you see a water well with stands.

Go inside the well that leads you to swear after entering the swear head to the Subterranean Shunning Grounds and then take downstairs and move forward by avoiding the rats. At some point, you will find a ladder taking you downward.

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After that take the first door and move forward until you see Site of Grace take another ladder where you see lots of gates in which one gate is open entry into the gate and travel through the tunnel at the end of the tunnel you will find the ladder that takes you up to the hallway where you find the door that unlocked with Sewar Gaol key.

This is the end of this guide for more similar content such as how to kill Skeletons and more do check our Elden Ring Guide.

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