Shakkei Pavilion | How To Unlock, Cannon Locations

This brief tutorial will explain all the procedures needed for Genshin Impact players to access the Shakkei Pavilion in Tatarasuna. The Inazuma region of Genshin Impact contains a number of domains that are dispersed over the islands in the area.

The domains in Inazuma are unfortunately well concealed and need Genshin Role players to finish a number of conditions in contrast to the domains in Mondstadt and Liyue. A Shakkei Pavilion domain in the Inazuma is one of the most difficult to open.

This domain is situated in the southern Tatarasuna area on the Inazuma map. However, gamers could be perplexed of why the entry to the domain is not present where it is indicated on the map.

Fans of Genshin Impact are more eager than ever for Inazuma to return in 2.5. Yae Miko will be included in the future game update, according to leaks, much to the fans’ hopes given miHoYo’s habit of delivering character updates ahead of time.

shakkei pavilion
How to Unlock Shakkei Pavilion

Whether or not something is accurate, players are wanting to speculate more about the past of the area, which calls for a returning to domains that deepen Genshin Impact’s backstory. This page will be expanded to provide a description of the site and some advice for finishing it because many people will probably wish to finish the Shakkei Pavilion.

Shakkei Pavilion: Overview

●     Location: Inazuma, Tatarasuna

●     32 Adventure Rank

●     Rewards: 5 Electro Sigils, 500 Adventure EXP, 40 Primogems, and random domain rewards

●     suggested components Electro, Cryo, Pyro, and Anemo

Tatarasuna is home to the former property known as The Shakkei Pavilion. This domain is a must-complete for players who enjoy putting together the narrative of Genshin Impact since it tells the tale of an austere warrior who built it and the dejected eccentric who would be found there.

The Shakkei Pavilion, on the other hand, also provides some pleasant benefits, such as Primogems, Adventure Experience, and a selection of artifacts and guidebooks for developing characters.

How to Unlock Shakkei Pavilion Door

Players must first finish the Tatara Tales mission, which can be found at the Kujou Encampment, in order to activate the domain. Players must interact with such a Shrine Maiden as well as a guard at this area, who will assign the player the duty of looking into the Mikage furnace.

The next step requires players to visit the Tatarasuna area and communicate with Xavier, the foreman who looks after the furnace. At this time, the Mikage furnace barrier will have three places that the players must inspect.

The player will get a plan from Xavier after studying the barrier, on which are marked the positions of three nearby cannons that may be utilized to take down the barrier. The next step is for the player to visit each one of the three sites shown on the map.

These are the locations of the three Cannons:

First Location of the Cannon:

First Location of Kamuijima Cannon
First Location of Kamuijima Cannon

Second Location of Cannon:

Second Location of Kamuijima Cannon
Second Location of Kamuijima Cannon

Third Location of Cannon:

Third Location of Kamuijima Cannon
Third Location of Kamuijima Cannon

Players must call the Electrogranum close to power the cannon in order to use it. The participants must then point the cannons at the obstacles and shoot when they have powered them up. Players may now access the Shakkei Pavilion after successfully firing all three cannons at the barrier.

Return to the site of the southernmost gun to open the domain entry. Players must point the cannon at the Shakkei Pavilion, which is the stone structure on the Shakkei Pavilion’s far left. The player should see a momentary twinkling effect emerge at the place if their shot successfully penetrates the domain’s entrance.

Shakkei Pavilion Location
Shakkei Pavilion Location

The Shakkei Pavilion will now be open to players, and they can freely fast travel there. Players will gain forty primogems, five hundred Adventure Experience, five  Electro Sigils, two Guide to Light Talent Ingredients, three Heroes Wit, five Mystic Enhancement Ore, thirty thousand Mora, and one Hopeful Heart after finishing the Shakkei Pavilion domain.

Although the Shakkei Pavilion’s gifts can only be collected once, it is nevertheless worthwhile for players to open the area and finish the quest as soon as feasible.

Players should also be aware that Shakkei Pavilion functions differently from this many other domains in Genshin Impact; this domain may only be completed once, and as a result, its difficulty will reflect this. There are several Nobushi and Fatui foes in it, like Mirror Maiden and Pyro Agents.

As a result, even if Anemo characters are advised, it may be best for players to pick their components wisely because massive Mirror Maiden and Nobushi will be less affected by Anemo powers that often knock over and drag opponents.

On the other side, completing your Shakkei Pavilion domain is advised for Electro, Pyro,  and Cryo users. When combined, these components produce powerful responses like overload.

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