Sons of the Forest: How To Use GPS Locators

You might have crashed and landed safely on the island in Sons of the Forest with your buddy Kelvin but what about the rest of your team?

You can discover what became of your special ops team members by seeking out the purple indicators on your GPS though you might not like what you find. Each location only tells the story of your lost team but provides you with a useful new tool the GPS locator.

How to find and use the GPS locators

sons of the forest gps locator
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The GPS locator can be used in tandem with your handy GPS. Once picked up, you can find your stash of GPS locator in the orange bin inside your inventory up in the top left.

You can place a stationary GPS locator by placing a stick upright into the ground and putting the locator on top of it. It’s a neat way to mark important locations on your GPS map that might not already be indicated.

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There are 3 GPS locators in Sons of the Forest each labelled by one of the purple indicators on your GPS:

Sons of the Forest GPS locators Locations
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First GPS Locator

The first GPS locator can be found to the west of the shovel cave entrance. If you follow the path up to the indicator, you’ll arrive at the top of the cliff with a rope tied around the rock, sadly one of your teammates hangs dead from the other end of that rope. After cutting him loose you can loot his items including the first GPS locator.

Second GPS Locator

The second GPS locator can be found in a small raft drifting off the west coast of the island and to reach it you’ll need to make a swim for it.

Before you dive in, make sure you have some long-range weapon because as soon as you come aboard, you’ll realize you’re not alone. So loot the GPS locator and fight your way back to shore.

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Third GPS Locator

The last GPS locator will require a little digging and it’s located a bit northeast of the second locator. Be careful because this place will be crawling with enemies. After digging you’ll uncover a coffin with the third GPS locator.

So there you have it about the GPS locators sons of the forest and how to find them as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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