2000+ Spam Account Names (UnTaken) 2024

First, we will like to explain spam accounts. Actually, these spam account names are those usernames that mostly post spammy content like some people’s posts for followers and also comments for following back like #followback.

If you are on social media a few times then you might know that there are a few accounts on these social media that usually make spammy accounts and follow you, after some time when you also follow him back then he will unfollow you after some times and their main motive is gaining followers in a short time.

A few spam accounts are mainly not able to rectify, I mean there is not one person who can be found behind these spam accounts even though they sometimes gain followers with their money because this is valid for those people who are tricked into this spam.

Here through this article, we have presented a complete list of spam account names or username ideas on different social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat etc.


If you are tricked like this for the spam accounts then this is not just disturbing but is irritating, bothering and sometimes upsetting also.

But you can make funny or silly spam accounts for yourself and be able to get out of these situations. You have to remember that this work is not unfair or illegal on social media sites for you and many other people also do this kind of thing to make fun.

spam account names
spam account names

Here below we have listed some funny and silly spam accounts and username ideas which will give you some idea for yourself.

  1. godhates(name)
  2. Goodbye(name)
  3. Imnot(name)
  4. (name)part2
  5. Spamwith(name)
  6. Spamand(name)
  7. (name)sayshello
  8. Dummy(name)
  9. Serioussly(name)
  10. Spamoji.(username)
  11. Paidspammer.(username)
  12. Idontknow(name)
  13. perfectionist.(username)
  14. (name)officialspam
  15. Spam4lyf.(username)
  16. youngandreckless(name)
  17. (name)isback
  18. Secretlifeof(name)
  19. Uglyspammer(name)
  20. (name)diary
  21. Fake(name)
  22. Secret(name)
  23. (name)sayscheese
  24. Dumb(name)
  25. Maxedout(name)
  26. Imso(name)
  27. Iknowyoursecret.(username)
  28. Butimnot(name)
  29. Imjust(name)
  30. Cantstop.(username)
  31. Spamerican.(username)
  32. Notspam.(username)
  33. Iswear.(username)
  34. Cantstopme.(username)
  35. Whateverim(name)
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If the spam account name can be nice and decent then this might be fascinating so instead of being irritating you can use a nice and decent name which might be relevant to your topic.

Just like for example, if you are into the cooking field then your username should be “MummyDADhaba” or “KitchenQueen” and you will be able to attract people to your niche and this there is nothing illegal to make a decent spam account for your niche.

Here below we have listed some nice and decent spam accounts with username ideas which can give you ideas to attract more people.

  1. Bestofus.(username)
  2. Bestversionof_(name)
  3. (name)instructions
  4. Tryingtobe(name)
  5. Mindfullife.(username)
  6. (name)-ish
  7. Goodvibes.(username)
  8. Goodenergy.(username)
  9. Affordable.(username)
  10. (name)-addict
  11. Fabulously(name)
  12. Positively(name)
  13. Goalsetting(username)
  14. (name)-fit
  15. (name)-fordays
  16. (name)-tastic
  17. Blissful.(name)
  18. Livingthedream.(username)
  19. (name)-spam
  20. Perfect(username)
  21. Successstories.(username)
  22. Chasedreams.(username)
  23. Allthatmatters.(username)
  24. Unstoppable.(username)
  25. (name)-trash
  26. Healthyandhappy(username)
  27. Positivemindset.(username)
  28. Lovinglife.(username)
  29. Happinessis(username)
  30. (name)-genius


If you want to attract more people to your account then you have to create a sweet and delightful username Id. So it might be rarer than creating funny or silly account names for yourself.

If you create a spam account for yourself and spread good vibes through your account in a good way then it can’t be illegal. I mean to say that you should not irritate other people and give some effort to attract them to gain more followers but you have to give them good vibes and content as well.

So here below we have presented the complete list of the sweet and delightful spam account which might be helpful for you to gain followers in this way.

  1. Heymynameis(username)
  2. Soappy.(username)
  3. Rainbow(username)
  4. Heyitsme.(username)
  5. Cuddles.(username)
  6. (name)-iheartyou
  7. Adorable.(username)
  8. Curlyhairdontcare(username)
  9. (name)-lovesyou
  10. Imblessed.(username)
  11. Cutenessoverload.(username)
  12. Fashionista.(username)
  13. (name)-bbyy
  14. (name)-xoxo
  15. Sweettooth.(username)
  16. Positivevibes.(username)
  17. (name)-babe
  18. Sweetheart.(username)
  19. Lovely.(username)
  20. Sweetest.(username)
  21. Magical.(username)
  22. (name)-charm
  23. Fantasytale(username)
  24. Sassygal.(username)
  25. (name)-devilish
  26. Sparkly.(username)
  27. Giggling.(username)
  28. (name)-luv
  29. Imtheone.(username)
  30. Queenofspam.(name)
  31. Dontjudge(username)
  32. Disneyprincesses.(username)
  33. (name)-suitsu


If you are in a silly mood and want to make some fun with your friends then you can create a spammy account to make fun of your friends also. Here mainly all you need to do is just create a spam account with the images of your friends but you have to remember that your friend will obviously not like this kind of thing so don’t do it to irritate your friend, you can just do it in a funny way.

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So here below we have presented the complete list of this type of spam account name for your friends which might be helpful for you to gain followers in this way.

  1. Mybestfriendis(username)
  2. Mylife.(username)
  3. Friendsarefamily.(username)
  4. Studyingwithmybff.(username)
  5. Girlythings.(username)
  6. (name)-lovesme
  7. (name)-livesforme
  8. Thatonefriend.(username)
  9. Bffsforever(username)
  10. Loveshack.(name)
  11. Longlasting(username)
  12. Smallworld.(username)
  13. Luckiest.(username)
  14. Cuteandcool.(username)
  15. Foreverfaithful.(username)
  16. (name)-likesmeback
  17. Chilloutwith(username)
  18. Lovely.(username)
  19. (name)-killer
  20. Funnyandcute(username)
  21. Hotand(username)
  22. Prettylittlelady.(username)
  23. Livingthedream.(username)
  24. Adorable.(username)
  25. (name)-4life
  26. Forever.(username)
  27. Rocknroll(username)
  28. (name)-uptoanything
  29. Happylife.(username)


Sometimes you can just create a spam account for promoting your content, page etc. If you are in the social media marketing field then creating spam accounts for promoting your business or products is a valid thing because offering some products to your followers is not wrong.

So here below we have presented the complete list of the best spam accounts which might be helpful for you to gain followers in this way.

  1. (name)-lovedbymany
  2. Awesomevibes.(username)
  3. (name)-blessed
  4. (name)-myworld
  5. Topnotch(username)
  6. Luxurylife.(username)
  7. (name)-magnificent
  8. Prideoflife.(username)
  9. Perfectionist.(username)
  10. Youvoted.(username)
  11. (name)-killer
  12. Soperfect.(username)
  13. (name)-trendy
  14. Fancy.(username)
  15. (name)-luckygal
  16. Swaggy(username)
  17. Perfectlyme(username)
  18. Fashionlover.(username)
  19. Superiorquality.(username)
  20. (name)-awesome
  21. Blissful.(username)
  22. Favorite.(username)
  23. (name)-spoiledbrat
  24. Imsuperman.(username)
  25. Stylez.(username)
  26. Iconic.(username)
  27. (name)-stylehunter
  28. Mostbeautiful.(username)
  29. (name)-partystyle
  30. (name)-sunshine


There is nothing those types of limitations that you have to make something funny or silly or product related. Here you are also able to create something smart spam account that is related to your page without irritating other people.

Just like if you have a page related to beauty products then you can create a username as “Beautyhacks” where people can follow you to get more tricks and tips for daily life.

So here below we have presented the complete list of the smart spam account which might be helpful for you to gain followers in this way.

  1. Keepitreal.(name)
  2. Stylehype.(name)
  3. Trendsetter.(name)
  4. Fashionsavior-(username)
  5. Curvygirl.(name)
  6. (Username)-isbae
  7. Trendingnow.(username)
  8. Fashionsavvy.(username)
  9. Vogue.(username)
  10. (name)-wonderlust
  11. Trendchaser.(username)
  12. Prettyinpink.(username)
  13. (name)-warrior
  14. (Name)-wowieeee
  15. (Name)-trustno1
  16. Prettythings.(username)
  17. (Name)-boathoater
  18. Lifeinfashion.(username)
  19. Knowsheis.(username)
  20. Justchill.(username)
  21. Dopeandchic.(username)
  22. (name)-coolerthanu
  23. (Name)-bossbabe
  24. Satisfaction.(username)
  25. Queenpin.(username)
  26. Hypebeastlife(username)
  27. Allthatglitters.(username)
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There are so many people who just copy others’ names but if you make your name in a unique and creative way then it might be an iconic username for yourself don’t try to be too creative because you have to remember always that here your main motive is gaining followers simply as soon as possible.

So here below we have presented the complete list of the creative spam account which might be helpful for you to gain followers in this way.

  1. Lolaloser.(username)
  2. Blissfullife.(username)
  3. Sunshineyday.(username)
  4. Crushcrushiee.(username)
  5. Troublemaker-(name)
  6. Swaggyasian.(username)
  7. Sassyclassy.(name)
  8. (name)-chillax
  9. Crazyandwild.(username)
  10. Ridiculouslyfun.(name)
  11. Loveitliveit-(name)
  12. Nerdboss.(username)
  13. Weirdo.(username)
  14. (Username)-stalker
  15. Forrealzies.(username)
  16. Iamtrend.(username)
  17. Handsomebuck.(username)
  18. Trulyepic.(username)
  19. Eliteandwild.(username)
  20. Majestic.(username)
  21. Blessedstone.(username)
  22. Onlysmilez.(name)
  23. (Name)-wildandcrazy
  24. Simplyperfect.(name)
  25. Beachbum.(username)
  26. (name)-outlandish
  27. Lonelystalker.(username)


It is more fun to spam with people in pairs and it will be more fascinating to post a couple of content in pairs I am sure that you will enjoy this with your friends. All you need to do is you have to make a spam account and post a couple of e-content to gain followers.

So here below we have presented the complete list of the pair spam accounts which might be helpful for you to gain followers in this way.

  1. Wanderlustingduo.(username)
  2. Supercouple-(username)
  3. Eternalcouple-(username)
  4. Lovebirdsforlife(username)
  5. Hipandcasual.(username)
  6. Twoofakind.(username)
  7. Trueloveteam.(username)
  8. Baeandbabe.(username)
  9. MrandMrs.(username)
  10. Perfectlycrazy.(username)
  11. Sidebyside.(username)
  12. Badandboujee.(username)
  13. (Username)-outofcontrol
  14. (name)-babewatch
  15. (Username)-dopetastic
  16. Simplysilly.(username)
  17. (name)-badtobewith
  18. Sugarmelodie.(username)
  19. (name)-quirky
  20. Lovestruckduo(username)
  21. Luckyinlove.(username)
  22. Savagecouple.(username)
  23. (name)-hipsters
  24. (Username)-foreverwild
  25. (Username)-wildatheart
  26. Partyrockers.(username)
  27. Supersweethrt.(username)
  28. Crazysassy.(username)
  29. Rulebreakers.(username)
  30. Chicandhipster.(name)
  31. Truelovegoals.(username)


You may find all new accounts every day because people are trying to make something new every time and we just try to make a list out of those accounts.

You may take some good ideas from that list and use them to gain followers and remember that if you post some spammy content regularly then it might be trouble for you.

I hope you like this article and enjoy pranking your near and dear ones with your spam accounts.

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