Best Path To Choose in Dark Flames in Pokemon Go

The Pokémon Go Dark Flames event is bringing event-exclusive field research tasks and the Dark Flames timed research quest. This quest is a branching quest, so make sure you choose the best path suitable for you.

Your Path choice will determine which Collection Challenge you unlock for the event – either Dark Collection Challenge or Fire Collection Challenge. 

Dark Flames Best Path in Pokemon Go

Dark Flames in Pokemon Go
Image via Gameinstants / PokemonGoLive

The best path is based on whether you have more Dark or Fire-type based counters, since you may have to defeat a Team Rocket Grunt to complete the quest.

Although, if you have three Fire-type Pokémon ready to evolve, then you’ll be able to complete that challenge quickly rather than having to gather any candy.

Asides the contents of the quest itself, you can make your choice based on the bonus and Collection Challenge it will unlock.

The Dark Path will unlock the Dark Collection Challenge and cause more Dark-type Pokémon to appear, while the Fire-type Pokémon Path does the same.

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So, if there’s a Pokémon from one of these types you’re looking for or if you just prefer one type over the other, then that will help you decide.

No matter which path you pick, remember that this is a limited-time research quest, so, if you want to earn all of the rewards, you must complete it before Sunday 2nd July 2023. That’s all you need to know about the Pokemon GO Dark or fire path as I’ll see you in the next article.

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