Succubus Affection Guide Tips and Tricks

The basic purpose of this game is to befriend all of the monster girls. This is accomplished by battling them, having s#x with them to build a link, and then making a deal with them. Monster girls with whom you have built a bond will not assault you. If you do not make an agreement, they will turn hostile again when you leave the region or sleep.

To beat a Monster Girl, simply drop their HP bar to zero or fill their Lust bar to full. They will be completely unprotected once you have completed this task.

After that, you must have s#x with them to thoroughly satisfy them. When it’s full, they’ll be entirely calm and you’ll be able to quit having s#x.

Succubus Affection Guide

Tips & Tricks 

Skills may be raised up in Leannya’s shop using skill points acquired by forming friendships with monster females. You gain one skill point for each level up of your friendship with one. This implies you can get 3 skill points every day from a monster female.

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At Leannya’s shop, you may also eat food to gain strength. Foods may permanently or temporarily boost your stats, depending on the food.

Crops regenerate every time you sleep when the sleep meter reaches 100. This also regenerates monster females, allowing you to level up their ties and get additional skill points.

There are several mysteries to be discovered, each of which rewards you with unique resources and goods. It’s critical to detect these as early as feasible.

Panties and Unique Interactions

  • Leannya – Increase her bond to level 15, then speak to her. You will receive her panties.
  • Irys – To receive her panties, you must defeat her a second time in battle.
  • Lisa – Defeat her a second time in battle and you will receive her panties.
  • Shannon – You must masturbate in front of her for a few days in a row, making sure to sleep only when the meter is 100/100
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Those are the useful tips and tricks in Succubus Affection as I’ll see you in the next guide.