Best Place To Forage Flowers Lost Ark: (June 2022)

Best Place to Forage Flowers Lost Ark: The forage flowers are cast on the farm. When you visit the map you will be able to see a leaf on the map. The leaf is the location of the map. Where can cast forage flowers the process of casting forage flowers is known as foraging or herbalism.

You can use these flowers for the trade with the potion. On the map, you can farm in any green leaf location. There are many locations in the lost ark to farm forage flowers but here we mentioned some of the maps where you will have a bunch of locations in a single map. To know more about the location go through the location.

best place to forage flowers lost ark

Forage Flowers Sites in the Lost Ark

We are not mentioning the exact location of the farm spot. You can visit the location of a farm by following the way to green leaf.

  1. Medrick monastery in west lutera
  2. Slime island
  3. Lullaby island
  4. Platinum fields
  5. Orvis island
  6. Delphi township
  7. Dyorika plain

Medirick Monastery in West Lutera

In the northern area of the medrick monastery in west lutera you will be able to produce the best herbalism on the farm. This location has many spots which can help you to boost your herbalism level.

Also in this area, you can collect all collectables there but there will also be enemies. You have to beware when you roam around the area in search of collectables. If you find any enemies knock them up at a spot.

Slime Island:

Slime island is a place where you can immune your herbalism level in a lost ark. But, the slime area is PVP.

So while searching for collectables you will also have to focus on your surroundings to survive on the island. Also, in the slime island, you can get the slime island token just by killing the Golden Bell Slime.

Location of slime island: northeast of Vern and to the west of arthetine spectrum ocean.

Nonetheless, you can also collect collectables from the slime islands like 99 slime jellies, 10 wild herbs, 5 red fairy fruits, and prepped vegetables.

Lullaby Island:

When you reach the lullaby island and open the map you will see the green leaves on the map. As you reach that place you will be able to collect them.

When you are in lullaby island make sure that your channels are swapping, in case there are lots of people. When you complete the quest on the island, you can obtain the lullaby island token from the RNG chest.

Location of lullaby island: the island is placed in the sea of Gienah, south of Tortoyk and Anikka.

To reach the island you will require a minimum item level of 250.

Platinum Fields:

Platinum fields allow you to gather the best collectables from the land. But to reach that place you will need an entrance ticket. You can get the tickets by harvesting them on random fields.

Once you get the ticket you will be able to find the green leaf location also you will get to complete the quest in platinum fields. In platinum, there are two different locations you will need two different tickets to enter in the platinum fields, once you get the tickets you will easily have access to fields.

For foraging, you will need to visit the Nahun’s Domain.

Orvis Island:

Orvis island is a permanent place on a lost arks map. You can easily access Orvis island for completing quests and collecting rewards. The island is a hub of herbalism and mining nodes. You can complete other activities there to increase the state of profiles.

Also in this very location, you can defeat the boss of the island Harvest Lord Incarnate. Then you will receive the collectable token from there but the process is an RPG.

Location of Orvis island: the island is allocated on the southeast side of the map. Below are the continents of west luterra. Also, you locate the island between Tooki island and one of the ghost ships.

Delphi Township:

In the Delphi township, you will receive the foraging, mokoko seeds and other rewards for solving quests. In the Delphi township, there is another sub-area Delphi forest.

In Delphi forest, there are four green leaves but we will recommend you to collect the first two and then change your channels in the top right of the minimap. Then in less than 20 minutes, you will be upgraded to foraging skills in Delphi forest.

Location of Delphi township: to visit the Delphi you can find it on the east side of the world map in the continent of Annika. You can easily locate Delphi township there.

Dyorika Plain:

Dyorika plain is a great location for Dream Walker flowers. Dyorika plain has many locations of spawn points that you will never get out of the dream walker flowers.

Location of Dyorika Plain: it is located in the east luterra.

Different Levels Increase as Foraging Abilities

Pick plant; level 1: abilities to gather nodes from plants

Botanist; level 10: abilities to gather mushroom nodes from plants

Natural tone at level 20

Golden finder at level 30

Potion to improve the foraging in the lost ark?

To improve the forging you have to work more and gain more points. This could be possible by the potion. To improve the workload and farm more skill nodes you can use potions like Minor LIfe Energy Potion and Weekly Trade Potion pack.

Which will increase your workload and farm more skill nodes with this potion. You can farm for a longer time in the field with this potion which will improve your skills and will get rewards according to that.


It’s all about the forage flowers, you can find more different locations other than those mentioned here to explore more farm skills. Also, the game has a wide continent and in different areas of the continent while looking for forage flowers in a lost ark you can win over some deadliest boss and complete other adventures too in one task.

When you are looking for the best forage flowers in a lost ark some of the places might not be accessible by you due to less item level. To reach all parts at a level you should fulfil minimum criteria.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Best Place To Forage Flowers in Lost Ark with complete information.

In Lost Ark, where else can I farm wild flowers?

The Merrick. Monastery can also be discovered very fast right here on your map. There are a number of dreamwalker flower nodes in this area that you can harvest to receive wild flowers.

In Lost Ark, where is the finest spot to forage?

Because of its peculiarity, Slime Island is among the best places to build up the Foraging talent in Lost Ark.

In Lost Ark, where else can I farm dreamwalker flower?

Hello everyone, it’s Games, and welcome back to our channel. In this video, I’ll show you to get the dreamwalker flower as well as the pair all vane. And while I was lost awk, I discovered a wonderful area with a little bit of everything.

In Lost Ark, so where’s the colorful Wild Flower?

You either can forage within the Stronghold or on continents & islands around the world. “Harvested Yellow Flowers” can be found in your Stronghold. Bright Wild Flowers as well as the alternate variant of similar rarity will be rewarded with these.

This is the end of this guide.

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