Best Place to Forage Flowers in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is one of the best games with lots of in-game machines that allow players to use different items for different purposes. Foraging is one of the machines that allow you to craft potions in the Lost Ark.

Basically, there are some purple colour wildflowers that can be used for the healing of the Health Bar. In Lost Ark, you can find this flower in lots of places because there is lots of nature and Forging can easily be done.

However, if you’re a new player and having trouble finding these flowers then we here feature all the places where you can easily able to find them without having a hassle. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

best place to forage flowers lost ark

Best Places To Forage Flowers In Lost Ark

Here we have created a list of locations in Lost Ark where you can find flowers such as Wildflowers, Bright Wildflowers, and Shy Wildflowers for foraging.

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LocationRegions in Lost Ark Map
Dyorika PlainEast Luterra
Medrick Monastery AreaWest Luterra
Breezesome Brae Rohendel
Blackrose ChapelEast Luterra
Rattan HillNorth Anikka
Slime IslandNortheast of Vern
Lullaby IslandSea of Gienah
Platinum FieldsNathan’s Domain
Orvis IslandTooki island
Delphi TownshipAnnika
Prisma ValleyAnnika

Dyorika Plain and Medrick Monastery are one of the best places where you can get Wild Flowers. Mainly the Dreamwalker flowers along with other flowers. Slime Island and Platinum Fields also are naturally wealthy areas in the game and the chances of getting wildflowers in these areas are high compared to other areas in the game.

These are some of the places where you will lots of wildflowers and they can also respawn faster compared to other locations in the game. More importantly, if you want to avoid the forging process you can purchase the healing packs from Mari’s shop.

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This is the sum up of the Lost Ark Foraging guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all information related to video games including Fortnite, Elden Ring, Genshin Impact and more. For more interesting content do read our Lost Ark Guides.

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