Tigreal Best Build (Mobile Legends) 2024

In Mobile Legends, Tigreal is the commander of the Moniyan Knights. After downloading the game, he will be the first tank-type hero you will encounter. He has a strong set of dash abilities, as well as CC power and Area of Effect.

Tigreal is the main tank that absorbs damage. Essentially, he can start any team battle since his ult gathers all foes and gives them a free hug, killing them. Tigreal is even much more deadly than before, according to the new update’s makeover.

Pick Tigreal and enter the battlefield if you want to see your name in the most assisted category. In this tutorial, we’ll look at these hero talents, equipment, and emblems that should be banned, as well as some tips and strategies for playing Tigreal in Mobile Legends.

Tigreal Abilities, Skills, Emblem and Spell: Full Guide

Tigreal is a hero with four powers, one of which is passive and three of which are active. Let’s take a look at Tigreal’s talents in Mobile Legends and when you should utilize which skill to get the most out of him in this tutorial.

tigreal best build

Fearless – Passive

When Tigreal uses his talent or is attacked by enemy/jungle creatures, he will get a layer of blessing. Each blessed layer may be layered up to four times. It will appear on your head as a little shield mark, and you will be immune to the next basic assault (jungle creeps).

# Attack Wave is the first skill (AoE)

Tigreal swings his sword, generating three shockwaves in a fan-shaped region that deliver 270 / 300 / 330 / 360 / 390 / 420 physical damage in a directed direction. Each successful strike causes enemy units to slow down by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

You may use this talent two times; the first time you use it, Tigreal rushes toward the direction you choose, and any enemy units that connect with him will go with him. At such a moment, Tigreal will cause a set amount of physical damage to them.

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# Sacred Hammer is the second skill (Blink, CC)

If you press this skill again within four seconds, it will deal 280/300/320/340/360/380 physical damage and knock them into the air for one second. Use this talent judiciously for a successful gank or escape from an adversary, but you can’t use it to get through walls.

# Implosion is the third skill (CC, AoE)

Tigreal stabs his sword into the earth with great power, causing a circle to appear on the ground. Nearby foes inside the circle will be drawn towards the centre of the circle and stunned for 1.5 seconds, causing 270/350/430 physical damage.

Tigreal’s ultimate will take 0.3 seconds to complete; however, if you are stunned, transformed, knocked up, or silenced while performing your ultimate, it will be cancelled.

Tigreal Skill-up Method

First, max your skill 1 and then your skill 2 if needed. And when it’s possible, ultimate.

Mobile Legends Tigreal

Spells of War

Tigreal’s two most helpful spells are Flicker and Petrify. Flicker may be used for a surprise gank or to get out of a difficult scenario while playing in a solo queue. If you’re in a lobby and know your teammates will assist you, use petrify to do additional magic damage and gain time to correctly perform your Ulti.

Set 1 of Emblems

Tigreal is a powerful tank; you may equip him with physical defence points to absorb physical damage or magical defence points to absorb massive amounts of magical damage. So, in the first situation, write your points as follows:

The goal of this custom setup is to improve Tigreal’s physical defensive output. To activate this insignia, we must create the following item set:

This Emblem’s Recommended Item Build

To combat the adversary, we’re boosting our magical resistance in this construct. When you run out of HP, take a step back and hide in a safe area for a few seconds to reclaim your HP for the Guardian Helmet. Then you may develop Cursed Helmet to get an edge in clearing lanes. If you run out of mana, wrap it up with Dominance Ice, or create Antique Curiass to absorb less damage.

Gameplay Tips for Mobile Legends Tigreal

Because Tigreal is a proper tank, you must assist your carry (MM/Assassin). If your team chooses MM, do a 1-2-2 rotation in bot-lane with your MM; otherwise, assist your carry (assassin) in mid-lane (1-3-1). We may divide it into two sections based on his gameplay. In Mobile Legends, our Tigreal guide provides the ideal game strategy during the early, middle, and late games.

Early in the game

If you’re your team’s lone tank hero, invest in a wooden mask. First, open skill 2 and assist your carrier in gaining boosts. After you’ve taken buff, check your minimap to see if you may invade your enemy’s buff with your carrier. During this time, make good use of your skill 2 to keep adversaries at bay. Instead of merely babysitting one lane, go for a gank in the woods.

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To trigger your passive, try to take hits from jungle creatures. Once you reach level 4, don’t be scared to turret drive; you’ll have enough health to knock enemies out of their turrets. But don’t do it without your team’s help; remember, you’re a damage-absorbing hero, so employ your four levels of blessings to prevent taking damage from foes. Use skill 2 to draw your opponent’s attention to your teammates, then knock them out for a certain kill.

The Middle/End of the Game

Defend your squishy heroes from the enemy in this level. Stay in front of your carry at all times, and if an opponent ganks you, utilize skill 2 to force them back. By giving your comrades a vision, you will be able to assist them. Depending on the scenario, upgrade your wooden mask to a Shadow mask (or Courage Bulwark).

After eliminating the outer turrets, attempt to gank the opposing carry with the turtle. While the shadow mask has a longer cooldown, it may be used to hide yourself and your teammates from poke foes.

When you’re late in the game, don’t simply utilize your ultimate in any place; instead, wait for the right opportunity. The whole opponent team will be wiped out if you successfully begin with your ultimate.



  • Instead of pursuing dot life adversaries, slow them down (skill 1) instead.
  • In the face of clever opponents, casting your ultimate is difficult, so plan beforehand. Reposition yourself and push it again if it is cancelled.
  • Tigreal’s passive (endless-battle, demon hunter sword’s passive) does not protect against True damage.
  • Attack opponent damage dealers using your cc skills.
  • Use the brush to get closer to your targets, which will make casting your skill 2 much easier.

Warrior of Might

Many people overlook Tigreal’s ability to hold his own in a fight because of his imposing stature. He possesses the ability to inflict harm as well as the defensive strength to back up his attack.

How to Make Use of This Structure

All kinds of offensive weaponry are available with the Mighty Warrior setup! As a result of its combined effects, the ultimate shield becomes the ultimate spear. This construct, when used correctly, may assist Tigreal in striking adversaries without their recognizing the severity of the blow or having enough time to respond.

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While the emphasis on offence in this build makes Tigreal very susceptible, danger can only come from poor skill setup and hasty movements. As a result, if you decide to go with this build, you must have complete control over Tigreal’s talents as well as the ability to time everything perfectly.

Fortress of the Heavy

The Heavy Fortress construction, as its name suggests, offers Tigreal with the highest physical protection! This is a build that works well against strong physical opponents. Tigreal is protected from physical harm because to his massive quantity of Armor. Most of the unique passives in this build, on the other hand, contribute in lowering enemy morale (particularly physical attackers) by diminishing their power, slowing them down, and reflecting their attacks.

How to Make Use of This Structure

This build’s sole flaw is that it makes Tigreal particularly vulnerable to skills and magical assaults. You may avoid this issue by avoiding mages and heroes that rely on burst skills.

Overall, the Heavy Fortress construction necessitates a high level of precision from teammates. If enough expertise or collaboration is put into play, this build may wreak havoc on the adversaries (particularly the carry heroes) throughout the game.

Tigreal Skill Strategies (Tigreal Skill Strategies)

Depending on the scenario, there are a variety of ways to combine them.

  • Tigreal Bread and Butter is the second skill and Ult.
  • If you’re being ganked, utilize your ult to stun foes before using your second skill to flee.
  • If you want to engage, use your second skill to rush on foes, then use your Ult to Chain CC them, or use your ULT first, then drive the stunned enemy to your teammates.
  • In the planning phase, the greatest approach is to ult and drive foes to your turret.
  • If you’re playing with a laning partner, you may use your second skill to disengage foes from them if they’ve been captured.

Build a Tigreal Tank

With tigreal, you should prioritize purchasing normal tank items depending on what heroes opponent teams are playing, as well as decent CD reduction. You want to make the most of your passive, so items lacking armour or magic resist are not recommended.

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