Elden Ring Rune Farm: Location, Guide (2024)

Runes provide power to players they need to complete their quest for the Elden Ring and the runes are Elden Ring’s primary component. The greatest areas to farm in Elden Ring will vary based on where you are because each level requires more Runes and is farther away as you advance through the levels.

There are several alternative strategies for lower-level characters, which we’ll discuss later in this post, but the best rune farming strategy in Elden Ring includes the nearby group of enemies, who are basically just loitering around.

Limgrave is one of the greatest areas to farm Elden Ring Runes, and similar to this, we have listed some other locations that are also among the best Runes farming locations. Also, as enemies get more difficult and drop more runes that may be used as you advance through the Elden Ring.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top rune farming locations in and around Elden Ring and throughout the world, which will make exploring The Lands Between much simpler.

elden ring rune farm
elden ring rune farm

Best Rune Farm Locations in Elden Ring


Early in the game, Limgrave, a zone that is accessible through the Portal close to the start of the game, is where players may find the best rune farming in Elden Ring. Players can also shoot at an adversary in a canyon that resembles a bird to trick it into flying down a cliff and dying, increasing the efficiency of the best rune farming location.

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For those who do not know, the best rune farming location is located at Limgrave at the south of the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace and north of Stormgate, where there will be a few wandering trolls.

You can easily leave from here and watch as the enormous fiends collide with one another.  You’ll receive 1,000 Runes for each fallen troll.

Also, other Elden Ring Rune Farming Spot is available on Stormhill. The easiest, farming location for runes is located on Stormhill, directly west of Limgrave, and is accessed once access to the Horse stream is obtained, having first met the Mairina in the Grace site.

Liurnia of the Lakes

You will have to do find the runes in order to advance through Elden Ring, however, you can make things much easier by farming tons of runes at specific locations, which can give you a few fast levels.

Now, you are not going to get as much as hundreds of thousands of runes, simply because you are in a bit like an early-game zone, so enemies are generally pretty easy to kill in here, so you are not going to get as many rules, but still, a handy technique to have if you are very early into the game.

In Liurnia of the Lakes, you can farm Runes by killing monsters in different areas.The Runes are hidden in a secret location in Liurnia of the Lakes.

The Runes can only be found if you have access to the map of Liurnia of the Lakes.The Rune Hunter skillset will allow you to loot Runes from dead enemies. You can also get a chance to loot runes when fighting Bosses.

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A troll knight will appear if you start walking towards the tunnel leading to the Gate Town Bridge. Your efforts will be rewarded with a significant number of Runes if you can defeat this enormous monster.

Atlus Plateau

Collecting runes is necessary for levelling up your character, unlocking new chapters and getting better items to help you defeat enemies more easily. A player can farm for Runes by going to the Road of Iniquity Side Path Site of Grace.

A transporting enemy caravan travelling in the southwest will be right outside the grace point. A pumpkin, two trolls, and several soldiers are guarding it.

You can handle them whatever you like, and soon you’ll start to see results.You can also earn runes by completing achievements or exchange them with different shapes of rune fragments.Runes are important to a player’s success in the game.

To farm Runes, you can explore dungeons and other places in Altus Plateau for chances to find Rune stones. Use the Portal to get to different areas of Altus Plateau while avoiding any combat encounters that may exist there.


Farming is a common strategy for players who need to collect Runes. Players use this strategy to farm for resources (e.g., Relic Fragments) or runes other than those that are obtained from completing quests and battles.

Examine every Rune stone you see before picking it up, because some statues require special keys to open or are otherwise inaccessible.The Runes in Caelid can be found naturally and harvested for crafting. 

The Rune can be found by mining, farming and harvesting. You can find them in the underground mines, harvest crops from farming, or cut down trees to find it from fallen branches.

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Reach the Flying Dragon Greyoll on the bridge, which is located close to Dragon barrow in the northeast. Continue to remain south of the Bestial Sanctum and north of the bridge before killing the militiamen. Each kill ensures more than a thousand runes.

Honorable Mention

Your farm path should take you just 2 minutes to farm 1000+ runes, making this one of the best farm spots players can utilize on Elden Ring. In order to craft powerful items with Runes, you will need to combine them with other items.

You will also need a few crafting materials and a recipe to craft the item.In Honorable Mentions, you can find runes in many different ways. You could also buy or grind for them. You must also remember that there are spells to create runes as well.

The first way is via the head to the Fort Faroth Site of Grace near Sellia Highway, attack the Elder Dragon, and killing the dragon give 50,000 runes. When a player kills an Elder Dragon, they will be rewarded with 50,000 runes.

Players can trade their runes for gold which they could then use to buy more runes through marketplace or they can just wait until they have enough gold and purchase it themselves outside of game. The third way is grinding for them via quests.

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