Elden Ring: How to Switch Arrows

No matter how much equipment, weapons, and things you collect in the Elden Ring, you can only select a few items on your character. Just like an arrow, there are many types of light and heavy arrows in the Elden Ring.

But from them, you can only have two arrows in your slots. You can select any of two of your arrows in slots and you can use the two arrows by switching arrows in Elden Ring.

While aiming for long-distance doesn’t affect much but when you are in close combat with hard bosses. You need to be quick to do any movements. In close combat, you can switch from Light to heavy arrow attacks like fire and do great damage on enemies.

Here we mentioned in Elden Ring switch arrows in PC, PS, and Xbox.

How can I Switch Arrows in the Elden Ring?

There are two arrow slots and for two arrow slots, there are two different keys to switch the arrows. You just have to keep in mind which slot arrows are saved. So you don’t get confused in battle.

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The PC, PS, and Xbox users have all been assigned two different keys for particular slots.

  • For the PC players to select the Arrow Type 1 user need to press LMB and for Arrow Type 2 users need to press the LMB+Shift.
  • The PS players has to press the R1 for Arrow Type 1 and for Arrow Type 2 users need to press the R2.
  • Xbox players have to press the RB for Arrow Type 1 and for Arrow Type 2 users need to press the RT.

Before assigning keys for Arrows Type 1 and Arrows Type 2 you should put appropriate light and heavy arrows in particular slots. The arrows will appear on the characters and when you press the R1/RB or R2/RT you can choose the arrows you placed in slots.

In battle first, you will bow, then aim, and after that use the keys to shoot your finest shot. You can use keys as per your device for Arrow Type 1 and Arrow Type 2.

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Elden Ring Switch Arrows In different devices?

Rather than using a particular light or heavy arrow attack on enemies, you must use a combination of them.

From your two arrow slots normal and heavy attacks first give priority to the light arrows and then after heavy arrows should be used. However, you can switch between two arrows by using the keys.

Here we have mentioned how you can switch arrows in battle.

  • If you have an Xbox device then you have to press the RB keys for Arrows Type 1 and for slot 2 Arrows Type 2, you should press the RT. And to Target press the LB.
  • If you have a PlayStation then you have to press the R1 for Arrows Type 1 and the right-hand side arrows by R2.
  • If you have the PC then you can press the LMB for Arrows Type 1 and Shift+LMB for Arrows Type 2.

You can assign any other keys to use arrows but the game doesn’t support the overlapping of keywords. So you have to make sure that you use different keys for Arrows.

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Using long-ranged weapons in the Elden Ring can help you While travelling in Lands. Where enemies are protesting the paths or gate. From a distance, you can attack them and make them bleed and after that, with little or no effort you can defeat the defenders.


Arrows can help you in many ways if you know how to use them and where to use them. Like in close combat, it’s not preferable if you can’t aim and shoot in a minute.

But you can use different types of arrows from a distance and damage enemies’ health. From light attacks, you can do damage and invite the enemies for battle and after that heavy fire attacks, you can knock them out.