What is the Use of Dexterity in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring offers lots of options to the player such as powerful weapons, different stats, items, builds and much more. One of the build in Elden Ring called Dexterity that allows players to use weapons smoothly and more.

Here we cover what is the use of Dexterity in the Elden Ring with other useful information. Without wasting your time let focus on the guide.

what does dexterity do in elden ring

What Does Dexterity Do in Elden Ring?

Dexterity is a melee stats in the Elden Ring that allows players to use powerful weapons more smoothly with fast movement. With the help of Dexterity, the player can use the wield weapon faster in battle. The Dexterity can be used for both PvP and PvE battles in the game, and players can use weapons like curved duel swords, duel blades and more.

Here are the following benefits of the Dexterity in Elden Ring.

  • Fast movement of the weapons.
  • Unlock special Armaments such as Urumi Whip.
  • Dexterity allows to player to use Spell faster and reduce damage faster.
  • Reduce the chance to fall from the house in a fight.
  • Are any other relevant points to consider.
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Basically, Dexterity and Strength are the best mixups for creating Quality builds this is the perfect build that has a balance of Dexterity and Strength in the Elden Ring. That allows you to use the strongest weapons in the game with fast movement.

This video explained the balance of Dexterity and Strength in weapons.

There are also some Dexterity weapons in the game that players can use in the game. Following are the best Dexterity weapons in Elden Ring.

  • Uchigatana
  • Rivers of Blood
  • Urumi Whip
  • Morgott’s Cursed Sword
  • Hand of Melania 
  • Vyke’s War Spear
  • Moonveil 
  • TwinBlade

What is the best Dexterity Soft Cap?

The best Dexterity Soft Cap is 50, above this number, there are not many benefits of this stat. Here is the list of the best soft cap in Elden Ring. The player can boost their Dexterity attribute from any Site of Grace with the help of the Runes. That you can obtain this by defeating the enemies and boss in the game.

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More importantly, Dexterity increases with the character level and the number of runes. Once you level up your Dexterity stat level you can use strong weapons such as the twin blade, duel curved swords and more.

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