Best Locations to Farm Plastids in Warframe

Farming Plastids

In Warframe the Plastids are one of the important resources made of carapace or tissue with nanites and players can use it to build the weapons and items within the game. However, farming the Plastids in Warframe is hard because of the lesser quantity and usually, they do not drop in the game. The best … Read more

Growing Power Warframe: How to Get It

Power Wireframe

This guide will show you which Warframes require Growing Power. It will also give you tips on how to get it and the best places to farm it. We’ll also cover the best places to farm growing power for each rank. In this growing power warframe guide, you’ll learn how to farm this important resource … Read more

Nitain Extract Framing Guide Warframe (2024)

how to get nitain extract

Mainly the Nitain Extract is used to craft the Warframes Archwings along with different powerful weapons in the warframe game. Here in this short guide, I have explained all the ways to get Nitain Extract in the Warframe without having a hassle. What is Nitain Extract in Warframe? Nitain Extract is a Farmable Resource in … Read more