Nitain Extract Framing Guide Warframe (2024)

Mainly the Nitain Extract is used to craft the Warframes Archwings along with different powerful weapons in the warframe game.

Here in this short guide, I have explained all the ways to get Nitain Extract in the Warframe without having a hassle.

how to get nitain extract
how to farm nitain extract in Warframe (Image via Digital Extremes)

What is Nitain Extract in Warframe?

Nitain Extract is a Farmable Resource in Warframe. It is a Limited Resource that can be obtained from Nightwave’s offering.

The Nitain Extract is a unique resource in the complete game and a lot of material can be acquired by applying this resource in the Warframe game.

It’s one of the most reliable resources in the warframe because it cannot be farmed like other resources. You can craft warframes using this resource but you have to obtain them using different means.

These three sources from where the Nitain Extract comes are.

  • Nightwave offerings
  • Finding all three hidden caches in the Reactor Sabotage operation, even though at a meager percentage risk
  • Gift of the Lotus event
  • Ghoul Purge Bounties throughout an active Ghoul Purge episode
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Ways To Get Warframe Nitain Extract

These are the best ways to get the Nitain Extract for crafting the warframes, weapons and much more.

NightWave Offerings

It’s one of the hassle-free ways to get the Nitain Extract in the Warframe. As you level up by finishing missions, you’ll receive rewards for every level you achieve.

Any of these rewards will be Nightwave Credits. You can Nightwave Credits to acquire Nitain Extract from the Credit Gifts for that Nightwave Series. For buying the Nitain Extract you need 15 Credits.

It is one of the simplest ways to purchase the Nitain Extract through the Nightwave offering. If you’re thinking about where to get 15 Nightwave credits then don’t you can easily obtain them by completing the Nightwave challenges.

Gift of the Lotus

There are some events that take place in the Warframe game from time to time to help out players. One of these events is Gift of the Lotus, in which players get rewards for completing certain tasks or missions.

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Lots of times the player gets Nitain Extract as a reward for completing the given mission on the Gift of the Lotus event. However, once you get the Nitain Extract as a reward you cannot get it again, unlike other sources.

Reactor Sabotage

The Reactor Sabotage tasks include catching on the Grineer or Corpus and closing down their reactor. Three unknown caches spawn throughout the given tasks, in irregular areas of the level.

They will resemble your radar as loot boxes. This task is not an excellent way to produce Nitain Extract, as not barely do you require to attain all three caches to have the possibility of obtaining the Nitain Extract. However, the dropping percentage is just one percent.

You can easily farm the Nitain from resource caches. In the Void, there are two missions called  Stribog and Marduk. These are sabotage missions and they carry Orokin Caches. You need to find all three of them and get your Nitain as a reward from complete the mission, sounds simple.

Ghoul Purge Bounties

In warframe like Gift of the Lotus, there is another event that occurs on the plains on Eidolon from time to time. This event is called “Ghoul Purge” and its offers multiple sets of bounties which players might be able to do after completing these bounties you’ll get the rewards.

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Most of the time players get Nitain from this event. You get Nitain as a reward from stage 4 of the Tier 1 Bounties along with Stages 4 and 5 of Tier 2 Bounties.

There are lots of things that you can purchase using the Nitain Extract resource in the game. Here is the list of blueprints.

Amesha HarnessAtlas Shikoro Helmet Broken WarCorinthFusilai 
Amesha SystemsInaros Anubis HelmetCaustacystJavlokPox 
Amesha WingsInarous Canopic HelmetDestrezaLenz Sands of Inaros
Banshee Prime Neuroptics Ivara Loxley HelmetHirudoScourge Staticor
Chroma Prime ChassisIvara Zirastra HelmetOhma Zhuge
Hydroid Prime SystemsKhora Delphi HelmetSydon 
Inarous Neuroptics Nezha Circa Helmet War 
Ivara Chassis Nezha Jinza Helmet
Ivara SystemsNidus Prion Helmet
Limbo Prime SystemsOberon Prime Neuroptics
Mesa Prime Systems Titania Chassis
Nekros Prime NeuropticsTitania Aurai Helmet
Saryn Prime ChassisWukong Dasheng Helmet
Saryn Prime Systems
Scimitar Fuselage
Valkyr Prime Neuroptics
Vauban Prime Chassis
Vauban Prime Systems
Wukong Chassis 
Wukong Neuroptics
Wukong Systems
Zephyr Prime Chassis

You can easily obtain the Nitain Extract from the given ways, however, we can recommend you to get this farmable resource throughout the Nightwave offering. Because it’s one of the best and simplest to obtain the Extract without having an extra hassle. For more similar tips, check our Warframe Guides.

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