Oxenfree 2 How to Help Hank

How to Find Athena in Oxenfree 2

Wondering about, Oxenfree 2 How to Help Hank? The Hank will appear late in the game and to find him you must explore the Post Office building in Garland Ghost Town. Hank requests that you assist him in investigating the bizarre events. He requests that you photograph anything alive as proof. But what do you … Read more

Oxenfree 2 How to Save Nick

Oxenfree 2 guide

Oxenfree 2 How to Save Nick? On your trip to the second transmitter in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, you’ll encounter fisherman Nick for the first time. He’s a former Air Force pilot who has always wanted to explore the unknown. He’s a terrific character who isn’t as difficult to get along with as other of … Read more

Oxenfree 2 How Long to Beat 

Oxenfree 2 guide

Wondering, Oxenfree 2 How Long to Beat? The Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals is a slow-burning supernatural story and the actions you make during the game, whether deliberately or not, will have an influence on how things turn out for everyone in the end. Oxenfree 2, like most choice-based games, promotes numerous playthroughs because it’s difficult … Read more