Oxenfree 2 How to Help Hank

Wondering about, Oxenfree 2 How to Help Hank? The Hank will appear late in the game and to find him you must explore the Post Office building in Garland Ghost Town. Hank requests that you assist him in investigating the bizarre events. He requests that you photograph anything alive as proof. But what do you need to do to do this task?

Fortunately, I’ve solved the issue for you and I’ll outline everything you need to accomplish for Hank and as a reward for your efforts, you’ll also receive the “I’ve had weirder jobs” trophy.

How to help Hank in Oxenfree 2

How to help Hank in Oxenfree 2
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You must pick up an object to complete this award. You can obtain it before speaking to Hank on the walkie-talkie for the first time.

It will ultimately take you to a cave on Horseshoe Beach if you play “hot and cold” with someone on line 2 of your walkie-talkie. If you go in there, you may interact with a shoe, which starts a scenario on the beach with Rex. 

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When you’re in Garland Ghost settlement later in the game, you can investigate the building to the bottom right of the settlement. This is going to be the postman’s office. When you enter, you’ll be met by a flash, and Hank will call you to inform you that he’s investigating weird occurrences.

As retaliation for interfering with his job, he requests that you photograph something unusual for him. Accept the task. Jacob will think that sounds like a poor idea, but will answer, “Well… Maybe.” Then interact with the dwelling unit to turn it on.

To open the tear, use your caster, then you must utilize the EMF transmitters to adjust the year to which the tear will transport you. The one next to the rip alters the century, while the one above you alters the decade.

The year you assist Hank is 1930, so make sure the EMF transmitter up the ladder is set to “3” and the one at the tear is set to “9”. A man should be seated outside the building. Interact with the man to get Jacob to snap a photo. You can call Hank after the tear has dried. Hank will wish he had more tangible proof so reply him with “I Have A Shoe?”.

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He will accept your idea and ask you to place it in the Post Office’s safe deposit box. Return there and do so. Then, after speaking with Hank one last time, he will present his wife; after speaking with her, Hank will be appreciative, and the trophy will appear.

That’s how to help Hank in Oxenfree 2 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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