What is DOT World of Warcraft? Explained

what does dot stands for in wow

What is DOT World of Warcraft? Both within and outside of the doors of World of Warcraft, DoTs have a lengthy history. But what precisely are there, and in the way do they function? The 12 playable classes in World of Warcraft have seen several significant changes in its 20 years on the market. the … Read more

How to Summon Gluttonous Overgrowth with Location?

Wondering, How to Summon Gluttonous Overgrowth? A lasher called Gluttonous Overgrowth can be found in Zereth Mortis’ Catalyst Gardens and there is a possibility that the specific rare may cause a glitch whereby no Bulging Roots appear, making it impossible for that rare to unroot itself and be killed. This rare spawns south of Haven, … Read more

WOW: Provis Cache Key Location Guide

provis cache key location

World of Warcraft: The Shadowlands has introduced an amazing zone of Zereth Mortis in its final patch, “Eternity’s End”. This represents the cradle creation in the Warcraft world, many of the treasures are hidden and buried all over the zone, and players have to find them and obtain them. Some of the treasures are very … Read more

World of Warcraft: Tahkwitz Guide


World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It was developed by American company Blizzard and launched on 14 November 2004. Massively refers to not only thousands but millions of players who can participate online together from different places. It is a part of the Warcraft Franchise, which mainly includes Orcs & humans, … Read more