Terraria Classes: Best Weapons and Build Guide (2024)

The Terraria is one of the best Metroidvania games similar to Hollow Knight and more. When its comes to Terraria is an action-adventure video game in which once you start your adventure you can choose the Terraria classes or the roles to survive longer in the game. Along with the weapons combination and builds.

If you want to know what are the best Terraria class for you then you can go through this short guide. Here I have explained all information of each Terraria Class with pros and cons that can be helpful for you to know which class is best for you to pick in-game.

Terraria Classes
Terraria Class Guide

How Many Terraria Classes are There?

According to Terraria, there are mainly four classes available for the players and these classes are Melee, Ranged, Mage and the Summoner. All four Terraria classes are divided into 8 different stages of the game. Pre-Bosses, Pre- Hardmode, Pre- Mechanical Bosses, Pre-Plantera, Pre-Golem, Pre-Duke Fashion, Pre-Celestial Events and End Game.

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In order to survive in all the different stages in Terraria, you need to use the best weapons and builds that help you survive longer in the game without having a hassle.

Best Weapons and Builds For Terraria Classes

Here I have mentioned some of the best weapons and builds for each of the Terraria classes with short information about each weapon and build.

1. Melee

Terraria Melee Class
Terraria Melee

Melee Class are in mostly for the close fighters who strike stuff, but in Terraria that’s not always the case. While some of the weapons used by this class are built to fight in close combat.

The Melee class is Terraria’s most basic class. Melee classes include a sword, spade, yoyos or boomerangs.

You want to equip yourself with mobility things like grappling hooks to enable you to enter a large range of enemies with this class. Melee classes won’t have to rely on Mana, making it easy for beginners.

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Best Weapons, Armor and Accessories For Melee Class

Game StagesBest WeaponsBest ArmorBest Accessories
Standard Mode Night’s Edge or Cascade Molten ArmorFeral Claws, Shield of Cthulhu
Game EarlyYelets or True Night’s EdgeTurtle Armor or  Titanium Armor Warrior Emblem, Butterfly Wings
Game in the CentreSolar Eruption or Terra BladeValhalla Knight Armor or Beetle ArmorWarrior Emblem, Fishron Wings
End GameZenith or Terrarian Solar Flare ArmorCelestial Starboard, Warrior Emblem

2. Ranged

Terraria Ranger Class
Terraria Ranger

The Ranger Class use a mix of weapons and arms to deliver high-end damage to the enemies in the game. Moreover, you have special arms that turn your arrows into bees or pirate fire. It might sound cool, but you will need to grind to keep your special ammunition stocks up to date.

Rangers want to stay far away and do not pump out as much explosive damage as mage or melee. However, the damages they have are constant and are useful for this class type. Be sure to collect bullets anywhere you can, because during a hot war you don’t want to run out of ammunition.

Best Weapons, Armor and Accessories For Ranged Class

Game StagesBest WeaponsBest ArmorBest Accessories
Standard ModeHellwing Bow or Phoenix Blaster Necro ArmorObsidian Shield, Terraspark Boots 
Game EarlyMegashark or Daedalus StormbowHallowed Armor or Titanium ArmorRanger Emblem, Molten Quiver
Game in the CentrePhantasm,  Vortex Beater Shroomite ArmorFishron Wings, Ranger Emblem
End GameS.D.M.G or or PhantasmVortex ArmorCelestial Starboard, Ranger Emblem

3. Mage

Terraria Mage Class
Terraria Mage

The mage class of Terraria has some odd spells compared to all class types. This involves weapons, spikes and fireballs that can be handled in early the game.

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You’ll be sporting huge light beams, meteor showers and a rainbow weapon later on. The mage can cause great damage to the enemies. Moreover, the relative lack of armour of Mage class means that in your inventory you need many healing potions in order to survive in the game.

Best Weapons, Armor and Accessories For Mage Class

Game StagesBest WeaponsBest ArmorBest Accessories
Standard ModeWater Bolt or Demon ScytheMeteor ArmorMana Flower, Brain of Confusion
Game Early Sky Fracture or Golden ShowerChlorophyte Armor Sorcerer Emblem, Mana Cloak
Game in the CentreNebula Blaze or Razorblade TyphoonSpectre ArmorFishron Wings, Sorcerer Emblem, Mana Cloak
End Game Last Prism  or Lunar FlareNebula Armor  or Spectre ArmorCelestial Starboard, Sorcerer Emblem

4. Summoner

Terraria Summoner Class
terraria summoner

Summoner is useful for the cultivation of certain ores in the Terraria. If you like empowering tasks instead of doing your own dirty work then Summoner class is perfect for you. Inviting people to wrestle with them, spiders, imps and dragons. That means if enemies come dangerously near you, in this case, you will need the best weapons, armour and equipment in order to survive longer in the game.

Best Weapons, Armor and Accessories For Summoner Class

Game StagesBest WeaponsBest ArmorBest Accessories
Standard Mode Imp Staff or Hornet StaffObsidian ArmorFeral Claws, Pygmy Necklace 
Game EarlyQueen Spider Staff or Sanguine Staff Obsidian ArmorSummoner Emblem, Berseker’s Glove
Game in the CentreTerraprisma or Stardust Dragon Staff Spooky ArmorNecromantic Scroll, Papyrus Scarab
End GameTerraprisma or Stardust Dragon StaffStardust ArmorCelestial Starboard, Necromantic Scroll, Papyrus Scarab

For more detailed information watch this video.

Class Setups Terraria


Hopefully, you find this short guide helpful in order to some of the best weapons, armour and equipment you can use from the early game to the end game in Terraria in order to survive longer. Here you can read more similar Terraria Guides for useful information.

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