How Much Ram You Need for Gaming (2023)

how much ram for gaming

RAM is one of the most important factors for gaming on a PC. It hard to had it all components for gaming but you must have the necessary components required for gaming on a computer such as random access memory (RAM).

So, the question stands how much ram for gaming required to play online and offline games.

In this article, we dig into the information and explain how much is need for gaming along with cover other Gaming RAM related topics such as what does RAM do for gaming etc.

What Does RAM Do For Gaming?

Technically, when you run any game on your PC then all the relevant gaming data that the PC needs to ensure the game still plays smoothly without getting lag or jarring is stored into the random access memory.

Put up RAM into the PC is the hardest job for a gamer. Because in this modern era gaming has evolved a lot compared to the past few years. Now, different games have different requirements to play on different devices such as game consoles and PCs.

how much ram for gaming need in 2021

Technology has changed lots of things around the world and gaming, affects a lot. Now the 64-bit operating system can support far more RAM compare to 32-bit OS on a computer.

The 32-bit operating systems only support up to 4GB of RAM which can be an issue now a day for gaming. But the 64-bit supports more than 32-bit OS RAM and this changes a lot for gaming.

How Much RAM Does Computer Support

Along with the technology, the computer has also evolved a lot compare to old version computers. Nowadays the computer supports more advanced components including RAM.

Today build-in PC has 4, 8 or 16GB of random access memory with advanced graphic card support. However, there are also some high-end computers that have 32 GB to 128GB of RAM.

Number of RAM with Capacities:

# 4GB RAM: This type of RAM is found on a regular desktop computer or on a PC that still running on the 32-bit operating system. But in 2021, it’s not enough for gaming.

# 8GB RAM: It’s the minimum RAM for a gaming PC in 2021. With 8GB of RAM, the computer can run most of the games without any issue. However most of the games needed to run with advanced graphic cards.

# 16GB RAM: This is an ideal RAM for gaming nowadays. With this RAM you can play almost any game on your PC and you never out of RAM issue while playing games or streaming on the web.

# 32GB RAM: It’s the most favourite and popular RAM among the gamers who looking to build there for future gaming purposes.

32GB of RAM is best for 64-bit PC

The answer is no the 32GB is far too limited for 64-bit operating systems and modern CPU along with the motherboards.

If you’re thinking this staggering amount of RAM is need for gaming? well, the answer is still NO. but still, lots of gamers wanted to have extra RAM.

32GB of RAM for future purposes is not a good choice because the DDR5 is around the corner and in future, it is not fit for gaming rigs.

But if you wanted to have extra RAM on your build-in PC which makes your PC twice the workstation then you might need more RAM as the advanced software can compose a large amount of RAM.

How Much RAM Should I Obtain For Build-in PC

So, if you thinking to get RAM for your computer and searching for the answer to which RAM is best for gaming. As we already guided you above 16GB is enough RAM for gaming in 2021 for a build-in PC.

Most games required 16GB of RAM and it’s the best choice to get it for 64-bit operating system with a high-end graphics card.

But 16GB of RAM can be expensive and if you want to purchase RAM in the budget you should also go for 8GB of RAM. It can be also a great option and would still work for gaming purposes for most of the games. But the gaming performance is not good as 16GB of RAM.

It also depends on the game you’re playing on your computer and finally the 32GB of RAM is for those who want their PC for future proof or those who want to use their PC as workstation.

Which is best Single Module or Multiple Modules

In 2021, almost all the motherboards support the dual channel memory while some of the advanced motherboards also supports quad channel to increase PC performance.

is dual channel can increase the gaming performance in PC?

The correct answer of this question is depend on the game requirement. Because with some game you get the benefit of boost performance while on some games you won’t see any change.

Yes, you should go for the dual channel configuration because it not to expensive and might give performance boost for some games. It has numbers of RAM slots which means you can easily replace any that fail to work.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common question asked by the people like yourself about RAM for gaming.

1. Is 32GB of RAM overkill?

The answer is yes, the users who prefer 32FGB of RAM are most like wanted to build their PC for future proofing. The 16GB is best and you can also go for 8GB.

2. Does RAM increase FPS?

In different scenarios and how much RAM you’ve in your PC. It totally depends upon how much RAM have and adding more RAM definitely increases FPS. More likely if you’ve a low amount of storage memory (2GB / GB) in this case, more RAM will give boost to FPS.

3. Is 16GB RAM enough for gaming?

16GB is most ideal RAM for gaming in 2021. Your computer should never run out of the RAM while playing games on computer. No matter which game you play on your PC.

4. Is 4GB RAM is enough for gaming?

No, 4GB RAM is not enough for gaming in PC. You need at least 8GB of RAM with advanced graphic card for gaming in 2021. Computer need RAM while playing game to ensure the game play smoothly without getting lag. All the data that need to play game is saved in RAM. That way 4GB is not enough for gaming today.

5. 16GB vs 32GB RAM for gaming?

16GB RAM is best for gaming for build-in PC in 2021 But if you wanted to use your PC as workstation or for gaming future proofing you can go for 32GB.

Currently, there are not enough games that use 32GB of RAM for gaming but if you want to absolute performance at top speed, no lag, no stuttering while playing games you can go for 32GB.


Hopefully, this article guided you in the right to know how much ram for gaming needed in 2021. In case if you’ve any questions regarding the RAM for gaming feel free to ask us through the comment box.