How to Decrypt Floppy Disk for Black Ops Cold War?

The process of decrypting the Floppy Disk for the Black Ops Cold War campaign’s Operation Chaos may seem confusing for some people, which is why in this guide we have made the steps simpler for you to understand.

Once you have successfully completed the mission ‘fracture jaw’ you will be given access to the evidence board, from which you can replay these missions to check their performance, take part in side missions, and go through the evidence.

One of the initial missions you’ll be able to unlock is “Operation Chaos,” which requires you to decrypt the floppy disk that contains details regarding the Spy Ring you need to stop.

To solve and decrypt the Call of Duty floppy disk code, you will be required to search for clues and evidence. Below, I will guide you on how to look for them and how to solve them.

How to unlock the Operation Chaos floppy disk in Black Ops Cold War?

After going through the electronic Evidence Board, select the ‘Operation Chaos’ button and then select ‘Examine Evidence.’

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A Coded Message

coded message in cod

To Unlock the message, you must find a similar pattern between all the series of numbers. It can get a little difficult as all the you are given a different and a random series of numbers to decipher.

We can’t tell you what exact number you will get, but you solve it after understanding the pattern between each series and subtracting or adding numbers to find the missing number. 

Decrypt the Floppy Disk

coded message in cod 1

Now you need to discover the missing number to complete the pattern from the coded message, and then link it to the city it matches to. Note down the city name after that.

After doing all of the above, it is time to decrypt the floppy disk.

Decrypt Floppy Disk in COD Black Ops
  • Click the option ‘Decrypt Floppy Disk.’ after going back to the ‘Operation Chaos’ menu option.
  • Enter the code discovered.
  • Now finally, enter the name of the city that matches the code.

The floppy disk will be decrypted by now, meaning you can begin Operation Chaos.

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