Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Release Date Talks (2024)

Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller

When it comes to gaming consoles, the most important part the gamers focus on is the controller. Now more gamers are started playing competitive games like first-person shooter games like Fornite and Battle Royals. Most of Xbox users, looking for the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller releasing date speculation on the web. The Elite Series … Read more

Blue Protocol Release Date and more

blue protocol releasing date

Blue Protocol is the latest upcoming MMORPG video game which is developed by Bandai Namco. Millions of fans are waiting to play this video game that why it’s ready to set to take the world by a windstorm. Fans are waiting to get the latest news about the release date of the game or the … Read more

Apex Legends Patch Notes: Season 8

Apex Legends Patch Notes

Apex Legends Patch Notes: Season 8 Mayhem patch by Apex Legends: Complete notes and updates Caustic, Horizon, Wraith, and Rampart are coming up with improvements. With another legend, a new sword, and an “obliterated” Kings Canyon, Apex Legends’ season eight is on the way. In addition to the big-picture updates, Mayhem is also putting in … Read more