Valorant New Agent Fade Abilities, Tips, Guide

If you are looking to be the Fade main, then our guide is going to be your way of dominating Valorant games with Fade. Many players are looking forward to playing the new Agent called Fade on Valorant, the Agent helps you to create your own unique tactical teams for winning matches.

Players are excited about the arrival of new Agents in Valorant and want to learn the abilities of this agent, as well as how to play him in a good way on Shooter Mode. We hope this guide gives you a better idea of how to play with the Fade.

Below, in this article, you will find all of the details about Valorant’s new agent, the Fade Ability, and some things players can expect to see in Episode 4, Act 3, and Battle Pass in multiplayer.

Who is the New Agent Fade in Valorant?

The newly-valorized initiate may prove an important choice for Breeze because of its utility-heavy recon such as Haunt (E) and Seize (Q). Using the Valorant’s new initiator abilities, Fade can give you an opponent’s position.

Valorant terrifying new initiator, Fade, can provide the locations of enemies, much like Sova, as well as blinding and deafen his opponents.

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Her kit allows her to harass and snare the enemy, applying consistent pressure to her foes so that she allows her team to gain space.

Valorant latest Agent is called Fade, and her abilities appear to allow her to expose her opponent’s locations. Valorant 19th Agent, Turkish bounty-hunting initiate Fade, has a toolbox of abilities that could prove to be incredibly frightening to anybody caught on the face.

Fades grab abilities can delay enemies reaching for spikes and dispels, while his Blind Ability is especially helpful in situations where he knows what direction enemies are approaching from.

valorant new agent fade abilities
Valorant New Agent Fade

What are the Abilities of Fade in Valorant?

Haunt (E)

For herself and her companions, Haunt enables Fade to identify nearby adversaries that are lurking in crevices. The sole difference between it and Sova’s Recon Dart is that it only marks the adversaries once after disclosing.

Haunt leaves a trail that Fade or any of her teammates can follow to find the foes, unlike Sova’s ability. A little period of time passes before the path is disabled.

Players can equip the skill by pressing E, then hurl it at a specific location by pressing the fire button (left mouse click). They can press E once more while the Haunt orb is in the air to make it fall before its projectile.

Seize (Q)

Regarding the second, Seize effectively acts as a binding power that stops adversaries from fleeing a specific area. With this, Fade can launch “an orb of nightmare ink,” which when it hits the ground, explodes and leaves a ring-shaped zone.

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Enemies caught in this area will have a trail marking them, and they won’t be able to leave the area until the ability fades off (no pun intended).

The enemy’s health will also degrade to 75 HP, and they will temporarily lose their hearing. The Q button can be used to equip the ability, while the fire button can be used to toss it.

Prowler (C)

With the use of the Prowler skill, Fade can chase down nearby foes using a group of creatures that are similar to Skye’s Tasmanian tiger in appearance. Similar to what Omen does with his flash, a prowler’s hit causes the enemy to become nearsighted.

Players can now hold down the fire button after deploying a prowler to steer and rotate the creature in different directions. However, players can let go of the fire button once the prowler spots an adversary, at which point the creature will attack the adversary automatically.

Additionally, the prowlers can follow the trail left by an adversary after they have been tagged by any of the aforementioned powers (or the ultimate) in order to automatically find them.

Nightfall (X)

Last but not least, Rolling Thunder from Breach and Nightfall from Fade both have similar site coverage.

The foes caught in Fade’s ultimate, however, are marked with a trail, reduced to 75 HP for a brief period of time, and become nearsighted rather than being concussed.

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After using the ultimate, players can combine Fade’s other skills to render the adversaries entirely helpless. After the opposing team sets the spike, players can use this technique to clear an entire site for seizing or retaking.

Agent Fade- Some Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to use Fades in-game more efficiently. Given the full arsenal of abilities, Fade has, her ideal role on Valorant is to set up kills for the other offensive agents on her team.

As the initiator, a new Agent named Fade, the main role of her Valorant is not supporting her team or dealing damage, but rather making the process of tracking opponents as simple as possible, by using powerful Cc abilities.

With her skill set, Fade is the ideal attacking/initiator agent who can round up foes and prevent them from accessing a location.

Her allies can seize control of the region by using these skills to track down foes, impair their vision, and make them flee a specific location on a map. Because she can solo push and clear a site without the assistance of other teammates, Fade’s skills also make her a potent agent on the offensive side.

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