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Thylacoleo Ark is a kind of carnivore, which appeared all around the “late Pleistocene epoch”. Thylacoleo has an aggressive mode of temperament.

Thylacoleo the carnivore creature is very agile. It is able to take down its prey with the help of its quick attacking modes. Those creatures who do not feel thylacoleo’s presence will be ambushed by this attaching mode.

The players will be able to find the thylacoleo in tropical places or areas. Thylacoleo loves these places to find prey for their hunting. This creature is able to climb on the trees and wait to hunt its prey.

The players have to be very careful at the time when they are approaching this kind of fat attacking creature. After overcoming all the obstacles, if you get able to domesticate this creature then you will be able to ride on it. The players have to climb on the trees to infiltrate the base to reach the vantage points.

thylacoleo ark
Ark Thylacoleo

Abilities of Thylacoleo

Thylacoleo is one of the strongest creatures in this game. To domesticate this creature the players have to be very careful and overcome various obstacles. Due to its abilities, players want to get this creature to tame. So the abilities of this thylacoleo are given below:


Thylacoleo is a creature that can climb trees. Not only trees, but it can also climb on walls and in any kind of structure. After climbing, it faced downwards and prepared to be punched at its goal or its prey.

Thylacoleo also hangs on any surface and is prepared to pounce at its target after any command or if it is set to aggressive mode.

Default controls:

To control this creature the players at first have to jump to a tree and have to hold the key mentioned below.

A (who are using Xbox)

Space (who are using PC)

X (who are using PS4).


Thylacoleo climbs up the surface and then faces down and prepares to pounce at its target point. Thylacoleo can pounce at a long distance also.

The target may be small or big, thylacoleo has the power by which it can pounce at anyone and drag him or her down. It is able to pounce on small flying creatures also.

If thylacoleo pinned the target down then it would scratch and bite continuously for a long time until that targeted creature died.

Default control:

While it is facing the down side and hanging on the surface

RT (who are using Xbox)

LMB (who are using PC)

R2 (who are using PS4)

What are the uses of Thylacoleo

Thylacoleo is one of the strongest creatures in the game. So it is proven as a very useful creature. The uses of this creature are given below:


Thylacoleo is a fast attacking creature. It can jump and pounce at a long distance also. It can overcome various obstacles in a second so it will be a worthy scout.

Taming mount:

If the players get able to domesticate a thylacoleo then with help of this creature the players will be able to tame any strong creature by chasing them.

Damage dealer:

With the power, thylacoleo is able to give great damage to its targeted creatures. It can pounce on any small flying creatures also.


As thylacoleo can climb on any tree or any surface, it can smoothly infiltrate the base with the help of various different points.

How the Players will be able to tame a Thylacoleo

The players will be able to tame a thylacoleo very easily. To tame a thylacoleo the players have to use any kind of technique to trap it. They may use the bear trap as well.

To do this at first the players have to place the bear trap and you have to stay at a place the three should be between thylacoleo and you.

When you are looking at the thylacoleo who is running or climbing any tree, you just have to fire and it will come across you and will be stuck into the trap.

When the bear trap traps it then you have to shoot it with the help of the tranquillizing weapon until it is knocked. Then you can tame it.

However, you have to be very careful, as there may be other thylacoleo nearby who may attack you.

Food of Thylacoleo

The players have to feed them by:

“Extraordinary kibble”

“Cooked lamb chop”

“Raw mutton”

“Cooked prime eat”

“Cooked meat”

“Raw prime meat”

“Raw meat”

“Cooked prime fish meat”

“Cooked fish meat”

“Raw prime fish meat”

“Raw fish meat”.

Location where the Players will be able to find Thylacoleo

After knowing all the data or information now the players may want to get the information about the location they will be able to find thylacoleo in this game. So now, they should not worry about it. All the location of this creature thylacoleo is given below:

Mainly thylacoleo are found in redwood and tropical areas. Therefore, the players have to reach those places to find thylacoleo. The players have to follow the map and have to reach these places like:

The islands

Scorched earth


The centre



Therefore, these are all the data relating to the point thylacoleo in this game. The players who may have quarried about this creature now will be able to get answers of their quarry from this article.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is thylacoleo?

Thylacoleo is one of the strongest creatures in this game. It is a kind of carnivore creature who can claim on every surface and pounce at a long distance. By thylacoleo players can beat any strongest enemies.

How will the players be able to tame thylacoleo?

They have placed a bear trap between thylacoleo and them and have to fire. After being struck on the trap, they have to knock thylacoleo using the tranquillizing weapon.

What is the location of thylacoleo?

Thylacoleo can be found in the island, Scorched earth, valguero, the centre, Extinction and in Ragnarok.

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