How Many Weapons Can You Forge in Destiny 2?

Guardians can create their own weapons in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen for the first time in the franchise’s history. At the same time, players have been able to force certain weapons to spawn through Menagerie and other seasonal activities.

The Guardians would relentlessly engage in combat and slaughter millions of enemies to get the best weapon available.

Fortunately, Bungie has worked to make targeted grinds easier with each new season, and the culmination of this work is weapon crafting in the most recent expansion of Destiny 2.

Everything you require to make the best weapons for The Witch Queen expansion has been covered, including how to level up weapons and what materials are required.

Destiny 2 Kinetic Weapon
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What is the Max Level For Forging Weapons in Destiny 2?

The maximum level for weapons in Destiny 2 does not exist. You can constantly employ your preferred weapons and show off your extremely high weapon levels.

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The fastest way to level up weapons in Destiny 2 is to farm the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid.

How To Get More Forgeable Weapons?

You must finish the brand-new The Witch Queen campaign’s first mission to unlock weapon crafting. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be in The Enclave, a brand-new social area on Mars.

These weapons are available through world drop rewards and after completing various tasks. To unlock Patterns, Deepsight Resonance will only drop craftable weapons.

Resonant weapons are occasionally available from Ada-1 for Legendary Shards. If you don’t want to wait for a specific weapon to drop randomly, this is a good way to get it.

Once you have a Resonant weapon, you can interact with the Relic in the Enclave to discover its pattern. Once you have the pattern, you can create as many replicas of that weapon as you like.

This is all for how many weapons can you forge in Destiny 2 for more relevant content do check our Destiny 2 guides section.

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