COD: Warzone Activision Account Registration Error Code 0

If you get Activision account registration error 0, you’re on the right platform to know how to fix this error. Call of Duty: Warzone is one the best battle royal games but similar to other games it also has some bugs that player experience during the gameplay.

One of these bugs is Activision account registration error 0 which usually shows up when you’re trying to login into your Activision account. This error means there is something wrong with the account and you need to log in again. Here we cover some possible fixes that help you to get rid of this error without having much hassle.

Fixing Activision Account Registration Error 0

warzone Error 0
warzone error code 0

Mainly the Error code 0 shows up when there something goes wrong with your Activision email address. If you trying to register an Activision account with the email address that is already registered on Activision then you will see this error while creating the new account with the same email address that already exists in the Activision database.

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If you getting this Error Code 0 when you’re trying to log into your Activision account. In this case, the error says, try to login again into your account well trying a second time fixes the issue because sometimes game servers experience some issues that can result in this error and can be fixed after trying a second or third time.

On the other hand, if you register a new account for the COD: Warzone. We recommend you use a different email address for the registration process. Because mostly the Warzone Error Code 0 appears when you’re using the pre-existing email address for creating a new account on Warzone.

Because you can only create one Warzone account with one email address. This means you cannot able to create multiple Warzone accounts with the same email address.


There are two possible reasons why you’re getting Activision account registration error 0 there is sometimes wrong with the game servers and after trying to log in again the second or third time the issue can be fixed. The second possible fix is you’re trying to create a new account with the already existing email address on the Activision database. So you need to try new email address to create a new account to get rid of the issue.

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This is all for this Warzone Error Code 0 for more relevant content do check our COD: Warzone guides section.