Wayfinder How to Unlock Characters

Wondering, How to unlock every character in Wayfinder. In the universe of Wayfinder, players take on the role of a Wayfinder, endowed with exceptional talents and tasked with the difficult job of restoring a world engulfed in chaos.

Wayfinder provides a complex and interesting gaming experience, allowing players to build their own routes, learn unique powers, and unite with fellow Wayfinders to battle the oncoming forces of evil.

The game also offers a list of purchasable characters so without further ado let’s dive right in.

How to Unlock Every Character in Wayfinder?

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Wayfinder How to Unlock Characters

Characters in Wayfinder are unlocked through a mix of beginning characters, in-game progression, and optional purchases. At debut, Wayfinder has six playable characters, including Silo, Wingrave, and Niss. Senja, Kyros, and Venomess, the last trio, may be obtained through gaming accomplishments or in-game microtransactions.

During the Early Access period, users may choose from a variety of bundles that include in-game currency such as Runesilver and Wayfinder Tokens. Runesilver is used to unlock cosmetic items like skins, emotes, charms, housing items, pets, style sets, and trinkets. Wayfinder Tokens are used to get access to new characters known as Wayfinders. The following is a list of the available packs and the bonus currencies they provide:

  • Base Pack ($19.99): Includes 500 Runesilver and 0 Wayfinder Tokens.
  • Initiate Pack ($49.99): Offers 1000 Runesilver and 1 Wayfinder Token.
  • Awakened Pack ($89.99): Grants 2250 Runesilver and 2 Wayfinder Tokens.
  • Exalted Pack ($149.99): Provides 4200 Runesilver and 3 Wayfinder Tokens.
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Purchasing the Exalted and Awakened Packs will instantly unlock Venomess. The Venomess Initiate Pack has all of the essential components, but the character will not be completely unlocked. The Base Pack provides one of the four components necessary to unlock Venomess.

Wayfinder will become a free-to-play game after its complete release as players will be able to buy characters and cosmetic goods straight from the in-game shop.

Before characters may be played, they must first be earned and then constructed. While traditional character creation will not be available, Wayfinders’ looks and weaponry are totally configurable, enabling players to express their individual tastes and styles.

So that’s how to unlock characters in Wayfinder as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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